Deliver an unrivaled volume of multichannel content with GraFx publisher's design automation software

Do you need to scale your creative output? Is your design team struggling to produce the enormous number of adaptations required for multichannel, personalized output? Design automation with GraFx publisher flawlessly scales your production to deliver any number of variations fast.


Manually repurposing content is a major bottleneck in design workflows. Multichannel output, even for a single asset, often requires hundreds of variations, including customization, personalization, localization and adaptation for diverse platforms. GraFx publisher makes the creation of limitless variations from your assets fast and easy, allowing you to rapidly scale graphic production.

  • Automate the creation of customized assets
  • Enable rapid distribution at scale
  • Scale your entire operability

Decrease time to market with automated content creation

Creativity will always take time, but outputting content variations for multiple channels and platforms has become an endless, unprofitable drain on time and money. Design automation solves this problem. Need thousands of contextualized variations from one design in seconds? GraFx publisher is built precisely to do that with incredible tools like Smart Templates and Dynamic Layouts.

  • Adapt content fast
  • Enable contextualized engagement
  • Automate complex multi-channel distribution
Creative teams spend between 30-50% of their time managing the manual process of design adaptation. You can drastically reduce or even eliminate that with GraFx publisher. Book a Demo today!

— Kevin Goeminne

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Ensure consistency and quality for any number of variants and users

High-volume, highly personalized content doesn’t mean your brand and output quality will suffer. GraFx publisher's Smart Templates were created to ensure brand consistency of personalized content and multichannel output. You can even give access to self-service templates that let users create what they want, but not how they want.

  • Avoid human errors and omissions
  • Enable self-service content creation without oversight
  • Repurpose with 100% brand compliance

Creative freedom? Liberate your designers from an impossible workload

Is the need to produce multi-channel content crushing the creative life out of your studio? The job of a designer is creative ideation and design—not outputting thousands of asset variants. GraFx publisher handles even the most complex adaptations with revolutionary tools like Dynamic Layouts and Smart Crop, freeing your designers to get back to their highest value work—creating!

  • Free up time for higher value work
  • Improve design quality and volume
  • Replace impossibly time-consuming manual tasks

An Impossible Task... Why You Need Design Automation Today!

One advert for the Google Display Network needs to come in no less than 14 sizes, and may also require variations for product, markets, languages, etc. Imagine your new product has 3 variations, and your go-to-market plan requires you to create ads for the Google Display Network in 5 languages with 4 design variations. That adds up to a whopping 840 unique ads! Now consider the time your designer would spend on this. This type of manual design adaptation simply cannot scale to meet demand. You need Design Automation to do the job.

Ben Summers

@ Libris Systems

The Variable Actions functions is everybody’s sweetheart. We’re creating templates non-stop, and this function truly is the single source of data-driven collateral creation. It allows the client to leverage its data sources to produce multiple production-ready documents.

We render millions of designs every month. We got you.

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