A robust e-commerce product customizer for BigCommerce

Allow your customers to edit your design templates in their browser

The world’s most powerful product designer for BigCommerce

CHILI publisher is the world’s most advanced online editing software. Built for integration with solutions like BigCommerce, it combines an extensive feature set, many possibilities for customization, and unmatched user-friendliness.

Let users customize products in their browser

Users design and create their products in the browser. Smart Templates let them create custom products while protecting designs or brand identity guidelines. The resulting output files are ready for print and digital.

Integrate with BigCommerce

With its comprehensive API, CHILI publisher can seamlessly integrate with many e-commerce solutions, including BigCommerce. No need to change platforms, CHILI publisher can upgrade your current offering. Want to switch platforms later? No problem: CHILI publisher works with many leading e-commerce solutions.

Jason Frueh

CHILI publisher ist der Motor für unsere gesamte Arbeit. Mit ihm können Anwender Visitenkarten, Postkarten, Flyer und Broschüren ohne Eingriff unseres Teams personalisieren.

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