Sell properties faster than ever. Real Estate use cases and actual best practices

Past webinarFeb 11 4:30 PM UTCEnglish

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Real estate marketing is super-competitive. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, but home prices are not going up like they used to. How can you help real estate agents stand out and appeal to today’s home buyer?

Offer the buyers a strong brand that establishes trustworthiness, this sets the expectations for a cost-effective and straightforward home buying process.

As every property is unique, no two marketing assets are the same. By adding Smart Templates to your marketing activities, you can reduce the time to market by letting agents create their own localized and customized collateral, with no review cycles needed to stay on-brand.

Case in point: Our SPICY stars.
We'll be presenting about three use cases to show you how Real Estate marketing can be done efficiently & profitable.

Join this Real Estate Use Case webinar if you want to:

  • Localize and customize marketing assets
  • Let your agents create their own on-brand communication
  • Go to the housing market faster


Cindy Van Luyck

@ CHILI publish