Points of Scale — Retail Promotions: The Agency Point of View

Upcoming webinarOct 10 2:00 PM UTCEnglish

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CHILI GraFx enables the centralized, data-driven production of
personalized, multichannel, on-brand promotional campaigns

digital, print, and motion graphics.

Maximizing Agency Resources with Creative Automation in Retail Marketing

In our first episode, we showed how creative automation can slash the average time to market of promotional campaigns in Retail.

During our second episode, we exlored how creative autolation can empower local store owners to localize, personalize, and self-serve the brand assets they need to drive local businesses.

In this episode, we'll focus on agencies serving retail brands. Matt Leese from Hogarth (a WPP company) will be joining our panel discussion and we'll discuss how in the fast-paced world of Retail, marketing agencies are the trusted extended teams for large brands. They play a crucial role in conceiving, designing, producing, and executing promotional campaigns, working closely with brand and trade marketing teams on the client side.

The challenges in today's landscape for marketing agencies revolve around speed and cost. With tight deadlines and critical time windows to meet, agencies face constant scrutiny of their hours worked and budgets spent. Striking the perfect balance between cost and output is essential, as the pressure to deliver results efficiently intensifies.

So, how can agencies adopt creative automation to address these challenges successfully? How can they ensure speedy and on-brand campaigns while collaborating seamlessly with their client counterparts, without exceeding time and budget constraints? Join our panel on October 10th to learn more and weigh in.

Operational Excellence: A Symbiosis Between Talent, Tech, and Processes

Get ready to unlock the full potential of creative automation for agencies serving retail brands.

On October 10th during a 30-min live session, our Product experts & Hogarth will showcase how CHILI publish can be used to enable agencies to better answer their retail customers' needs regarding personalized and localized campaigns at hyperspeed.

You'll learn how to :

  • Enhance your agency's campaign production, enabling you to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality
  • Leverage data effectively to drive better retail campaign results
  • Enable seamless teamwork between agencies and the client-side counterparts
  • Future-proof your relevance in the market

Our team of experts will also be on-hand to answer all your questions on how you can harness the power of creative automation to deliver exceptional results for your clients. Sign up now to begin your journey of automating the output of promotional graphics at scale!

Kees Henniphof
VP Marketing
@ CHILI publish

Bram Verniest
Co-founder & Chief Evangelist
@ CHILI publish

Matt Leese
Global Managing Director
@ Hogarth

This is a fast-moving market and we both have mutual benefit at heart. The CHILI publish team is always readily available on short notice to tackle issues, discuss ideas and join us on a quest for the next big thing.

Andy Russel
@ HH Global

Our relationship with CHILI publish, from initial contact to today’s ongoing support, really makes it stand out from other software partners we’ve worked with...Smart Templates have enabled us to leverage large data grids and preserve them with a front-end design experience, decreasing production costs and times throughout the organization.

Thomas Julé
@ Airbus
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