Automate repetitive tasks with Dynamic Layouts

Past webinarSep 22 2:30 PM UTCEnglish

Covered topics

The days of designing for one channel are over. Nowadays, designers create one layout, then spend countless hours adapting that design for multiple social media channels, ad networks, in-store displays, product variations, languages and more. Stop the insanity and start working smarter with Dynamic Layouts.

Meet the new CHILI publisher and discover its new Dynamic Layouts. You'll never think of Smart Templates the same way again.

Discover how easily and quickly you can build Smart Templates with even more advanced intelligence and flexibility. See how positioning and scaling elements based on simple formulas make your Smart Templates more intelligent than ever before and bring scale to your graphics operations.

During this session, you will see:

  • CHILI publisher's new enhancements and improvements
  • Dynamic Layouts and their use cases
  • Additional resources to discover


John Arnsdorf

@ CHILI publish

Piet Saegeman

@ CHILI publish