The complete guide to migrating to CHILI publisher Online

Past webinarDec 1 4:30 PM UTCEnglish

Covered topics

A high-level technical overview of the steps needed to move to the CHILI publisher SaaS.

So, you’re ready to upgrade to CHILI publisher Online? Great idea! It’s the easiest way to use CHILI publisher, ensures your software is always up to date, and simplifies ongoing server management. But, just like any other project, migrating your existing codebase to use CHILI publisher Online takes some planning to ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Join this webinar to gain insights into the technical requirements for each step in the migration process. Our experts will share how you should prepare your codebase to use CHILI publisher Online, how to modify your code to switch from the SOAP to REST API, and they will outline functional changes to the infrastructure.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How to organize existing data and transfer it to the cloud service
  • How to update existing SOAP functions to use the new REST endpoints
  • How the migration impacts the existing codebase and what changes are needed
  • What infrastructure changes are required


Thomas Dhollander

@ CHILI publish