Dynamic Layouts: the next step for Smart Templates

Past webinarJun 30 8:00 AM UTCEnglish

Covered topics

Join our upcoming webinar to discover the new CHILI publish Dynamic Layouts. Build Smart Templates quicker and easier than ever before.

Graphics software has been positioning frames the same way for decades. Dynamic Layouts make Smart Templates more dynamic and flexible; they can define frame positions, sizes, and rotations with relative values and simple formulas.

Building advanced Smart Templates has now become intuitive enough for anyone to do it.

During this 45-minute session, you’ll learn about:

  • Why traditional methods of positioning frames on a canvas are no longer sufficient
  • Why positioning elements on a canvas with relative values and simple formulas are the solution
  • How CHILI publisher Dynamic Layouts make advanced templates easy to build and maintain


Sylvain Westerloppe

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Gerd van Gils

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Paul Murphy

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Piet Saegeman

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