How to improve retail store marketing operations with Creative Automation

Identify your starting point to reach ROI in your graphic production without losing creative value.

About this chat

Due to inefficient retail marketing operations, marketeers and creatives are stuck in endless approval cycles and repetitive adaptions for localization of the store marketing materials. Everyone sees the optimization opportunity in this graphic production process! But where do you start? What are the best use cases to improve these operations?

The brands and retailers that embrace creative automation will have a significant advantage over their competitors in the form of:

  • Increase of workflow efficiency without losing creative value
  • Brand consistency across all channels
  • Better ROI on their creative and marketing teams
In short, you will discover:
  • The basics of Creative Automation
  • How you can harness creative automation to maximize the impact of creative efforts while protecting and growing your brand
  • The starting point for creative automation to immediately boost revenue

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Learn from the best – Your speakers:

Nico Potvin is partner of KAN Design and Co-Founder of Kandanza.
He has executed many projects for start-up, scale-up and grown-up organizations and will share his first-hand experience with us.

Kevin Goeminne is CEO at CHILI publish.
His experience as a coder/programmer and acuity as a business entrepreneur enables Kevin to instantly assess technology crossover potential, spearhead this opportunity towards market interconnectivity and efficiently translate the concept into operative and profitable business plans. His pivotal strengths consist of propelling market insights into business opportunities, whilst securing cross-organizational cohesion and keeping a cross-market and business helicopter overview.

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