Political parties vote for CHILI publisher

*Aalst, Belgium - May 23, 2019 – With the European elections taking place at the end of the month political parties everywhere in Europe have been ramping up their campaigns. As it turns out, many parties mostly use CHILI publisher, the software for smart artwork and marketing material creation, to create marketing elements within their communication plans.*

Home game in Belgium

The software is integrated into KADANZA, a design automation platform developed by KAN design, which in turn is consistently used by numerous political parties to create artwork and marketing material. Owner Nico Potvin explains: “Nearly all the Flemish political parties are relying on KADANZA to streamline their marketing activities. They like it because it maintains brand consistency while also supporting localization and targeted tailoring; all key features the integration of CHILI publisher enabled. The fact that there is just the one online portal for all activities makes life easy for each political party’s marketing team.”

One Belgian political party that is creating most of its material in KADANZA is Open Vld. Communications officer Sarah Poppe states: “It’s very user-friendly. The templates show what we can and cannot change. That makes it easy for anyone to create and adjust the right material when they need it. There is no need for any experience or background in graphic design. We can communicate quickly, consistently and efficiently to our community.”

Growing interest worldwide

While Belgian political parties are key adopters of the technology, CHILI publish is also working with parties in other countries including the UK, Germany and Australia. Kevin Goeminne CEO of CHILI publish adds: “Working with smart templates allows people to respect brand guidelines, reduce human error and launch campaigns much faster. In electoral times it is imperative for parties who need to get their message across in a tailored and timely fashion. Word spread from Belgium to other countries and now we found ourselves scouted by political parties all over Europe.”

About CHILI publish

CHILI publish is the Creative Automation company. Our platform, CHILI GraFx, is built for global brands and agencies producing multichannel graphics at scale. Our clients trust CHILI GraFx to boost visual asset production and brand enablement, reduce time to market for new products and allow them to reallocate resources and seize new market opportunity.

CHILI GraFx launched in the first half of 2023, putting the power of Smart Templates in the hands of Designers and Developers who embrace technology to produce more and better graphics, faster than ever before. With our CREATE Community, our goal is to learn, share and grow the impact of creative automation.

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Robbe Kerkhove

May 23, 2019

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