KAN invests in the power of human capital with 15 CHILI publisher Template Creators

The success of marketing output created with CHILI publisher within the design automation scope of the brand design agency, enables the company to turn templates into new jobs and opportunities.

Aalst, Belgium, March 5, 2019 — CHILI publish (www.chili-publish.com) is proud to announce that one of its longest-serving partners, KAN Design & Brand Management (https://www.kandesign.com/), is defying the concept of shrinking job opportunities in the design sector by investing in a new creative skillset. By fully utilizing the power of CHILI publisher KAN has formed a new group of Template Creators who are serving the needs of customers with the speed, accuracy and time-saving efficiency of the templatization offered within CHILI publisher. The team consists of current team members who expanded their skillset and new co-workers with a specific templatizing proficiency.

The 15-strong squad was put together in 2018, and it’s already proved to be a huge success for KAN - including its Kadanza platform - in its quest to build the most efficient design automation frameworks. Ten members of the collective are working as full-stack employees entirely focused on creating and enhancing brand artwork, while the other five are senior creatives who are orchestrating a deeper implementation and rollout of the CHILI publisher platform.

“Our partnership with KAN Design & Brand Management continues to prove itself as one of our most rewarding and dynamic relationships,” says Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI publish. “Their investment in people and their skills is a real turning point for the industry, and the success of the Template Creators proves that templatization and design automation platforms aren’t taking away graphic design jobs - they’re creating them! The CORE principle (Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere) is transforming the graphic design scene, and we’re proud to be joining KAN and Kadanza on their journey.”

Human creativity meets design automation

While many have assumed the advent of design automation platforms such as CHILI publisher - where customers can directly customize, personalize and streamline their creative workflows - would replace the need for human input, KAN has proved the complete opposite. Its innovative team of Template Creators can tap into their creative spirits and deliver brand campaigns that save time, money and needless worry. By investing in the power of creative human capital, KAN has been able to build artwork templates to suit its client needs. Clients can now take the creative pitch to market quickly and still experience improved efficiency in countless marketing campaigns involving personalization, customization, regionalization, localization and many more.

“I’m incredibly proud of our newly-minted team of Template Creators and how their combined efforts have transformed how we serve our customers” said Nico Potvin, one of the partners at KAN Design & Brand Management. “By embracing CHILI publisher in the way we have this year, KAN and Kadanza have been able to show that investing in people and their talents is how you truly leverage capital in your own business. By banking on templatization, we’ve been able to create more job opportunities as our business reaps the rewards of our human capital investment.”

“In 2019, and beyond, our troupe of template creators is going to continue to find new and exciting ways to use the streamlined effectiveness of templatization and I can’t wait to see how it will benefit our brand clients, our business and the wider design industry. So if you think there’s a loss of jobs in our sector, it’s time to think more clearly. New developments and innovations leads to more career opportunities and creative endeavours.”

KAN has been working with CHILI publish since 2010, and that partnership continues to a fruitful enterprise for both companies. KAN’s desire to further invest in the omnichannel versatility of CHILI publisher and the dynamic strengths of its graphic designers was showcased in a recent guest post by Nico Potvin on the CHILI publish blog.

About KAN Design & Brand Management (www.kandesign.com)
KAN Design & Brand Management is a design and branding agency with over 30 years of experience to its name. The firm works with both startups and iconic established brands to deliver unparalleled communications strategies and omnichannel workflows. With a multidisciplinary team of branding and user experience experts on hand, KAN can help you design, develop and deliver apps and platforms that elevate brands above the rest. Through its Kadanza platform, KAN empowers clients with the tools that keep their message assets fresh, exciting and relevant.

KAN Design & Brand Management has offices in Antwerp, Belgium and in New York.

About CHILI publish

CHILI publish has been shaping tomorrow’s graphics since 2010. Its flagship solution, CHILI publisher, is the software for smart artwork and marketing material creation. The solution has been widely adopted by large and small companies as their go-to artwork builder and is integrated in marketing and packaging departments worldwide. The solution is respected by industry influencers, endorsed by a worldwide customer base of SPICY star customers and validated by an ecosystem of integration partners.

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