As an innovator in digital-printing technology we design, develop and deliver web-fed digital colour presses.

Xeikon is an innovator in digital printing technology.

The company designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital color presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing. These presses utilize LED-array-based dry toner electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners. All the Xeikon solutions are designed with the overarching principles of profitability, quality, flexibility and sustainability in mind.


Digital printing opens a whole range of new business opportunities. And it is only when your digital equipment is firmly integrated into your business environment that you will be reaping its full benefits. Especially since today’s challenges for digital printing are in producing larger volumes of increasingly better print quality for increasingly complex designs. All while offering shorter production times at lower costs and still remaining profitable.

The product

The Xeikon 3500 is meant for label and packaging converters who need a wider web width as well as top speeds for the production of their prime label, folding carton, promotional and transfer applications. All models of the Xeikon 3000 Series are equipped with the X-800 Digital Front-End.

Integration with CHILI Publisher

The brandowner establishes an online portal with own branding that allows their customers to pre-order from a number of box variants through the website. The files will then be sent to the Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End where it will be prepared for printing on the five colour Xeikon 3500 digital press.

The benefits

  • Produce larger volumes of increasingly better print quality for complex designs
  • Offer a wider number of versions and generate more specific campaigns
  • Reduce production times and costs while still remaining profitable
  • See the packaging in 3D before going in production

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