Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software

Cumulus uses sophisticated metadata information for you to store, search, sort, track changes and enables you to publish your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels.​

The neXt level of enterprise digital asset management

Protect brand assets, increase productivity with Canto’s award-winning DAM platform. Integrate and configure Cumulus X to support and streamline digital workflows.​

About Canto

Canto is committed to digital asset management software and services that solve customer challenges. Canto was founded in 1990 and was instrumental in establishing the DAM industry. Today, over 2,500 customers worldwide rely on Canto’s flagship technology, Cumulus enterprise digital asset management and the expertise of Canto Professional Services, to efficiently secure and repurpose digital assets. In 2014, Canto launched Flight, a cloud-based solution for basic digital asset management needs. Canto is based in San Francisco (USA), Berlin and Giessen (Germany) with a global partner network. Industry analysts recognize Canto as a top DAM vendor for customer satisfaction and price performance.

About Cumulus

Cumulus is a leading enterprise digital asset management system that allows businesses to easily organize, find, share and create digital content on any platform. It helps customers protect their brand assets, ensure efficiency and improve their creative workflows. Cumulus is highly configurable without custom coding and can be integrated with popular applications such as web content management, project management, product information management system, ERP systems and CHILI publish

The integration with CHILI publish

Spice up your online document editing by integrating Cumulus with CHILI publisher. The integration offers you an easy to use, powerful Web2Print solution in combination with a highly configurable, scalable and powerful DAM-system. By integrating both products, you make sure the assets used in CHILI publisher are always up to date and consistent with the brand assets used in other systems.The Web2Print solution enables your team to easily drag and drop jpegs, tiffs, pngs and more directly from Cumulus to create custom product sheets, documents or brochures. Crop, move and scale in true WYSIWYG style.

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