Embracing Digital Transformation

Blubird, founded in 2013, is supporting and partnering with businesses and organisations to solve today’s Digital Transformation (DX) challenges. The technology and the economic opportunities drive the concept of Digital Transformation and is a new key element in mapping leading corporate strategies. With a partner eco-system and more than 30 engineers, developers and solution architect, we are supporting businesses and organisations to build tomorrow’s architecture and solution model to embrace the digital transformation journey.

Apps, Devops & Cloud

At Blubird, we can empower ideas or concepts to tailor-made mobile or web applications, on scalable infrastructure we can build and maintain ourselves. We have become experts in the mobilisation of business and in the assistance of creating beautiful and useful apps. With a deep understanding of how people and technology interact, we can support every business or organisation with their application, from idea to product and beyond.

Blubird’s DevOps philosophy is strongly advocating creation, automation and monitoring. With best practices and the right tools, we shorten development cycles and increase deployment frequency. We aim to have more dependable releases in close alignment with business objectives to enable organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

A team of certified cloud architects can build, migrate and maintain any type and size of cloud infrastructure. Our partnership with AWS, Azure and Google allows us to provide businesses and organizations with an agile and reliable cloud environment to drive innovation.

Data, Security & Co-creation

Since data is no longer the arena of huge corporations with large amounts of resources, we focussed more on offering and implementing scalable and innovative applications to optimise the collection, indexation and analytics. Our data solutions can convert data into new business opportunities.

Within our devision of IT security, we noticed that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach anymore. Every environment or architecture is different and requires skilled professionals to create tailored set-ups and policies across all apps, databases, network devices, cloud servers, IT infrastructures, and users. Blubird is living and breathing security daily, making sure every aspect is updated, upgraded, and patched on a constant basis.

Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Security are upcoming disruptive technologies. With a rapidly evolving landscape, Blubird leverages from co-creation and its vast eco-system of technologies to deliver businesses and organizations state-of-the-art solutions and competitive business advantages.

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