Positive Thinking Company

Simplifying the seemingly complex – Positive Thinking Company streamlines your entire Smart Template technical setup.

How PTC works with CHILI publish

Positive Thinking Company (PTC) integrates the dynamic potential of Smart Templates from CHILI publisher Online and the speed of automation into graphic-design driven platforms that empower the user, and reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming repeat tasks.

Positive Thinking Company delivers on ideas and concepts with the power of its dynamic DevOps capabilities by leveraging its multidisciplinary **expertise in PHP/Symfony, NodeJS, React, Angular and AWS. **

Its specialists consult, design, develop, and deliver a wide portfolio of lights-out applications and software platforms, that help trailblazers to utilize their visual and graphics assets more effectively for marketing materials, packaging designs and bespoke design scenarios.

Why choose PTC?

  • Full-circle operational and business care through bespoke software applications
  • Flexible and tailored approach from short-term conception to long-term functional operability
  • Cross-pollination business approach by matching myriad market insights with deep tech expertise and extensive people experience

PTC works well with

Customer Highlights


Giving loved ones a memorable send-off isn't easy. LifeArt wanted to help people by offering a unique zero-touch service where customers can create bespoke coffin & casket designs with a patented manufacturing process. This online design offers people the digital privacy they need in the mourning process. Creative automation for personalized and environmental coffins and caskets? Here's how they do it.


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But a change of label makes all the caring and pricing difference. PTC created a user platform where Designstar customers can easily review and order plant and flower labels. Fast and accurate, no more withering approvals procedures! Stay tuned for the customer story.


  • Retail
  • Food & Beverage
  • Start-ups, SMB, multinationals


  • Automation
  • B2C implementations
  • E-commerce


  • English

Get in touch with the Positive Thinking Company

Want to learn more about Positive Thinking Company and its CHILI publisher Online-enhanced solutions? Contact them directly today: marketing@positivethinking.tech.

Company profile

Positive Thinking Company is a global tech group that delivers end-to-end tech solutions using a global delivery model. Its teams of over 3,000 tech specialists across 35 countries, design and build digital solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes, using cutting-edge technologies to solve even the most complex of business-critical challenges in any web, mobile, enterprise, digital, and e-commerce domain.

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