Integrating CHILI Publisher into the Keepeek DAM solution will give you the opportunity to search and integrate assets from your DAM directly into your Smart Templates, and much more!

CHILI and Keepeek

The online editor of CHILI publish can be integrated into the Keepeek DAM solution. This will allow you to:

  • Search and integrate assets from your Keepeek DAM directly into your Smart Templates
  • Easily store and disseminate your print and web productions through your Keepeek DAM
  • Quickly replace outdated versions of your print and web content while keeping a history of all versions

What is Keepeek?

Keepeek provides a user-friendly DAM solution enhanced with collaborative features, rights management and many options dedicated to video management. Keepeek also offers a wide range of integrations in IT systems.

Keepeek helps teams and companies simplify their processes, disseminate their assets with control and reduce their storage costs.

The Solution

Manage all digital assets

  • Manage all types of assets: images, videos, pdfs, Office documents, gifs, 3D, zips,audio files, print and web content and more
  • Create the one place where your teams, clients, providers and partners can find all valid communication and advertising assets, your brand content and digital productions
  • Bring together all your photographers, graphic designers, art directors, sponsors and staff in a simple and user-friendly tool to harmonize and optimize your asset production processes

What you can do with Keepeek

  • Organize your assets in a secure platform
  • Distribute your assets worldwide while keeping an easy control over who gets access
  • Push your assets automatically towards your website, your PIM, your eCommerce platform, YouTube channels, etc.
  • Collaborate on projects in secure spaces with identified contacts where you can exchange versions, comments and feedback on assets
  • Get access to your Keepeek DAM content directly in your day-to-day tools (Chili Publisher, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suite, Drupal, Akeneo, etc.)
  • Manage model releases and contracts with photographers, agencies or models.
  • Control your asset rights with automatic archiving
  • Create production or validation workflows in Kanban boards with identified users
Company profile

Keepeek was founded in 2008 in Paris, France and provides DAM solutions to both small and large organizations such as Orange, Airbus, Renault and the OECD. Praised for its simple and user-friendly interfaces, Keepeek manages assets of all kinds (images, 3D, video, print and web content, etc.) and provides adapted formats for the various dissemination channels. The solution has an API-first approach to integrate perfectly with other tools. Keepeek also supports organizations by providing integration services, content administration and user support.

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