The Kadanza platform combines brand asset management with CHILI publish Smart Templates. It makes graphic production always on-brand, multi-channel and easy to output . With CHILI publisher integrated at its core, Kadanza's brand and production tools are tailored to meet the needs of brand owners, problem solvers, and creatives/agencies. Imagine a brand portal with the tools you need to access controlled brand assets from inside smart templates—that’s Kadanza! It provides on-brand production of promotions in an easy-to-use, one-stop- shop.

How Kadanza works with CHILI publish

Developed for over 20 years in collaboration with branding experts, Kadanza is a great example of how deeply the CHILI publisher API lets solution providers embed CHILI publisher’s Smart Template tools into bespoke brand management and design automation solutions.

Kadanza provides a central hub for storing brand guidelines, managing digital assets, and—through CHILI publisher’s engine—creating and using Smart Templates. With Kadanza, you get Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, and a Web2Publish Portal in a single cloud platform. Now it’s easy to combine smart templating with continuous access to controlled and approved digital assets.
And the result? Rock solid brand consistency, and vastly improved workflow efficiency with professional, multi-channel global and local print and digital output.

Or as the people behind the platform simply put it, Kadanza provides smart tools for strong brands.

Why choose Kadanza?

  • Easy, self-serviceable control global of brand guidelines
  • Store all your brand assets in one place with cloud-access assets
  • Deliver CHILI publish Smart Templates with ease
  • Integrates with existing workflows and design tools

Kadanza works well with

Customer Highlights - Axalta

Axalta managed to drastically reduce their label generation cost with CHILI publisher in combination with Kadanza's smart algorithms. From new product to production and 3D render in under 10 minutes and at a fraction of the cost.


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Service
  • IT technology
  • Arts
  • Industrial
  • Non-profit
  • Political
  • Municipal Retail


  • English
  • Dutch
  • French


  • Belgium (Antwerp)
  • United States (New York)

Get in touch with Kadanza

Want to learn more about how Kadanza can grow your business? Contact them directly today: Hello@kadanza.com.

Company profile

Kadanza is a digital asset management and web-to-print platform built by brand and identity experts. It is a customisable, scalable and cloud-based suite of tools used to build and maintain consistent and valuable content for your brand, both on- and offline. CHILI Publisher is integrated into Kadanza, which allows users to design and edit their communication materials with user-friendly branded templates. And this will save you time and money.​

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