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Conics is an independent software consultancy provider with a 100% focus on graphical industries. With an in-depth knowledge of the printing industry, Conics assists organizations in structuring and automating their graphical processes using best-fit software. Conics also delivers two own-brand products: administrative tools marketed as Scotty, and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) improvement tools marketed as PrintSpector.

How Conics works with CHILI publish

Conics supports clients during the analysis and implementation phase of a CHILI publisher integration. Expert staff provide technical integration and project management skills that fully cover the entire project, from customer questions to kick-off with CHILI publisher fully deployed.

CHILI publisher is a highly adaptable solution thanks to its open API. Conics therefore implements the solution in many contexts including Customer Portal integration, Web-2-Print, Packaging Automation, and more.

Conics’ specific project methodology has a proven track record of successful change trajectories, and a key goal in Conics’ approach is to ensure that your CHILI publisher integration will connect seamlessly with all of your current and future software solutions.

Why choose Conics?

Conics’ unique value proposition is a combination of extensive industry skills combined with a 100% focus on the graphical supply chain:

  • Deep graphical industry knowledge and experience with both custom processes and available off-the-shelf solutions
  • Advanced technical development and integration skills
  • Top-level project methodology for medium to large implementation cycles that can scale over time

Conics works well with



  • English
  • Dutch
  • French


  • Benelux
  • UK
  • France
  • EMEA


  • Printers
  • Agencies
  • Brand owners
  • Private label manufacturers

Get in touch with Conics

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Company profile

Conics is a fully independent software consultancy provider with a 100% focus on graphical processes. Building upon a profound knowledge of the graphical industry and a clear vision about software selection, we propose the best possible solution to our customers, one that seamlessly meets their needs and strategy. Conics translates your vision and goals into matching people, processess and tools. Our team gets a kick out of challenging projects and we are always looking for long-term solutions for our customers. From project management and implementation and from analysis to integration: Conics makes sure your company is ready for the future!

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