Integrating CHILI Publisher into the Industry-Leading Marketing DAM and Work Management Software of Aprimo will give you the opportunity to manage global and localized digital assets directly within the CHILI publisher to deliver exceptional customer experiences in more places, better coordinated, and faster.

CHILI and Aprimo

The Aprimo connector gives you the combined power of both Aprimo and CHILI publisher. Search and browse assets stored in Aprimo directly within the CHILI publisher interface to easily find the right content for the job.

The connector maintains the relationship between Aprimo content and CHILI publisher, so when users change asset properties, such as expiration dates or metadata tags, those changes are immediately updatedin the interface. And all changes are tracked to give users a complete changes-over-time view.

The connector simplifies content governance, too, by giving you control over what specific users can access. Make it so that specific users can only see content that’s classified for use, approved to go live, and has sufficient digital rights. All other content, including content under embargo or marked for use on other channels, is invisible.

Aprimo: Better Customer Experiences

To support customer experiences across so many channels, companies are having to create and manage a colossal amount of content. Aprimo helps you get all of your content under control.

Aprimo helps companies intelligently manage content across the entire content lifecycle —from ideation to management to analysis— and helps streamline the workflows and insights you need to deliver awesome customer experiences. And with its robust library of connectors, Aprimo works with a wide range of other solutions, making Aprimo a powerful hub for your content.

What is Aprimo?

Aprimo is an interoperable platform that orchestrates the Planning, Operations, and Content activities for marketing, digital, and customer experience teams.

Better manage your marketing and digital efforts to deliver exceptional customer experiences in more places, better coordinated, and faster. All of this results in increased productivity, customer loyalty, customer conversion, and, ultimately, revenue.


  • Manage global and localized digital assets from ideation to consumption
  • Automated workflows shorten creative review cycles and improve collaboration
  • Reduce artwork creation costs and publish new content and products faster
  • Control what content users can access
Company profile

Aprimo provides technology solutions for content, operations, and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them. Our platform gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

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