Your go-to OpenText business optimization partner for creating content at record speed, without approval hiccups or output variation delays.

How Acheron works with CHILI publish

The company secures a single sign-on for CHILI publisher within Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, OpenText Directory Services, and many other settings.

This enables expert integration of CHILI publisher with enterprise-class Digital Asset Management, Business Process Automation, Enterprises Resource Planning, and Product Information Management Platforms, and results in an all-in-one platform for users and customers who want to streamline cross-operational workflows and help make their teams and processes more effective and productive.

For channels looking to adopt the transformative benefits of creative automation, that all-in-one experience comes in the form of a CHILI publisher connector for OpenText Media Management DAM.

Why choose Acheron?

  • Pivotal flexibility for ever-changing requirements
  • Seamless integrations for best-in-class user experiences
  • All-in-one place business optimization expertise from strategy to execution

Acheron works well with

Customer highlight

Out of this world approval workflow

How Acheron secured a single point of access in the design process of a fast-growing fortune 100 food business. Stay tuned for the full story.


  • Media and Entertainment
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Finance and Manufacturing 


  • English


  • Digital Asset Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Enterprises Resource Planning
  • Product Information Management Platforms
  • Media Asset Management (OpenText Media Management)
  • Media Project Management (Acheron Media Project Management)
  • Business Process Modelling and Automation
  • RPA (OpenText AppWorks, Camunda BPM, UiPath)
  • Enterprises Resource Planning (SAP)
  • Product Information Management Platforms (Salsify, In River)
  • Online Proofing (Viki Solution VProof,, ARender)
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure & GCP)
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce dot com, Web Services
  • Java Sprint Frameworks
  • DevOps
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Material Design
  • ELK Stack and Solr

Get in touch with Acheron

Check the Acheron website for more details or contact the team with a specific request.

Company profile

This Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software and services company specializes in OpenText Products like OpenText Appworks, Media Management, Creative Review, and Content Server. By combining this OpenText expertise with tailor-made solution development, Acheron significantly optimizes business processes everywhere. A team of 70+ people steered from the central HQ in India, supports thousands of customers worldwide in their digital revolution with digital asset management, business process automation, enterprise resource planning and product information management.

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