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Incorporate CHILI publisher’s Smart Templates into various online storefronts with the Tecra CHILI publisher Connector.

Tecra’s CHILI publisher Connector

The Tecra connector brings CHILI publisher’s personalization features to various e-commerce platforms. It seamlessly incorporates CHILI publisher’s Smart Templates into various online storefronts. Users can personalize templates and view an inline proof before ordering.

Supported platforms

• Shopify
• BigCommerce
• WooCommerce
• AccuConnect
• Four51

and more to come.

CHILI Director

CHILI director consolidates all variable print and fulfillment orders into one centralized platform. Other features include print file generation & routing, shipping notifications back to e-commerce platform, and support for third-party software such as ShipStation.

Professional Services

A talented team of developers, architects, and project managers work tirelessly to make projects come to fruition, whether this means custom storefront, CRM or DAM integration, or Single Sign-on (SSO) connection. Tecra’s graphic experts can also create beautiful CHILI publisher templates, configure e-commerce storefronts, and build advanced themes.

About Tecra

Tecra is a global company linked by shared goals, cutting–edge software, and a reliable methodology. With a relentless focus on its customers, Tecra strives to create real partnerships and an environment that fosters close collaboration.

A long-term CHILI publisher partner, Tercra has already helped many customers seamlessly integrate CHILI publisher into their storefronts and portals. Get in touch to learn more about the Tecra CHILI publisher Connector.

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Profil de la société

Helping you reach your highest aspirations is what Tecra does best. We work with you to cultivate unrealized potential, solve unsolvable problems, and do what you never thought possible. Along the way we often come up with a few ideas you never thought of, creating even more possibilities for your business. Tecra provides world-class products and solutions, but we understand that the most valuable solutions are the ones that fits you the best. We listen closely to your needs and have a knack for applying what we learn to further the goals you set out. We also have the flexibility to customize, creating one-of-a-kind solutions that match the uniqueness of your organization. Tecra is a global company linked by shared goals, a solid methodology and a relentless focus on you, the customer. We strive to create an environment that fosters close collaboration between Tecra team members and our clients, and are available around the clock to quickly respond to requests and questions.

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