Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Which CHILI publisher is which?

Like every software, our product has evolved over time to add new features, create more value for our customers, and adapt to changes in technology. Because of this, CHILI publisher has grown beyond a single product into a line of products over the years. We commonly refer to any of these product versions as "CHILI publisher". Since this can be confusing, here's a list of the official product names:

  • CHILI publisher is the original product that was sold as a perpetually licensed on-premises software. This legacy product is not currently sold and will not be supported past April 1, 2022.
  • CHILI publisher Subscription is virtually the same product as CHILI publisher with a few extra features, but was offered with a subscription pricing model. This product is not currently sold commercially.
  • CHILI publisher Online is based on the original product, but adapted to a SaaS architecture. Many of the same concepts are used, but provided as (micro) services similar to many SaaS technologies. This is currently the commercially available product sold.
  • CHILI publisher extension for Adobe InDesign® is an extension that allows designers to convert InDesign files into CHILI documents and upload them to the server.
  • CHILI publisher plug-in for Adobe Illustrator® is a plug-in that allows designers to convert Illustrator files into CHILI documents and upload them to the server.
  • My CHILI publish Portal is a dashboard that gives customers access to view account details, such as renders and environments.
What’s new in the latest version of CHILI publisher?

CHILI publisher Online, is a managed cloud service, which means you get enterprise-level performance without the IT overhead of managing servers or maintaining costly hardware. Automatic updates, 24/7 system monitoring, proactive performance tuning, and rigorous backup procedures ensure maximum productivity and reliability.
To check out our recent product updates, visit the What’s New page on our website.

Does CHILI publisher include a web-to-print storefront?

CHILI publisher Online, is a managed cloud service, which means you get enterprise-level performance without the IT overhead of managing servers or maintaining costly hardware. Automatic updates, 24/7 system monitoring, proactive performance tuning, and rigorous backup procedures ensure maximum productivity and reliability.

Do you offer a turnkey solution?

CHILI publish does not sell a turnkey solution however we do have a list of partners who do provide a turnkey solution built around CHILI publisher. Contact our Inside Sales team to get connected with the right partner for your business needs.

Do you integrate with WooCommerce / WordPress / Shopify / Magento?

Yes, our REST API allows you to integrate CHILI publisher with these services, and almost any platform. We also have partners who have developed integrations with common e-commerce platforms, which can shorten your time to market.

Does CHILI publisher have a built-in approval system?

Not out of the box, but CHILI publisher is typically connected to other software that provides that functionality.


Does CHILI publish charge a per user/license fee?

Nope, you can have an unlimited number of users working in CHILI publisher to build templates and an unlimited number of customers accessing those templates, customizing them to their specific needs. Rather than scaling on users, the plans are based on usage, storage, and the service level agreement.

Does CHILI publish charge extra to get access to the API?

Nope, every CHILI publisher Online plan includes access to the REST API.

How is a render defined and how are they calculated?

A render is defined as any output you generate from CHILI publisher (PDF, JPG, PNG, IDML or CHILI package). CHILI renders are calculated over a rolling 6-month period to accommodate normal fluctuations in business. Watermarked renders produced on your sandbox environment don’t count toward your total allotment of renders.

What is an environment?

To produce output from CHILI publisher, at least one environment is required. The environment is an isolated area that contains templates, assets, fonts, workspaces, data sources, and any settings needed to produce output. Data in one environment is not accessible within other environments. Typically, one environment per customer should be created to ensure complete isolation however, it is possible to host multiple customers from a single environment.

Use cases

Does CHILI publisher support direct mail?

YES! CHILI publisher supports variable data print, connects to external data sources, supports the upload of recipient lists, and works with POSTNET, IMB or any other font-based postal barcode – everything you need to successfully produce targeted direct mail pieces.

Does CHILI publisher support digital output too?

Absolutely! Thanks to our proprietary composition engine, CHILI publisher generates top quality PDF output for print as well as JPG or PNG for digital use – the same Smart Template can even be used for both print and digital. And with our Dynamic Layouts and Smart Crop features, the design can intelligently flex responding to different output sizes. They really are the most versatile templates ever.

Is CHILI publisher a good fit for producing catalogs?

There are many kinds of catalogs with requirements that vary significantly so it greatly depends on the type of catalog you need to build, how many pages it has, and what content it contains. Please reach out to us to discuss your project and we will let you know if CHILI publisher is a good fit for your needs.

Can I white label CHILI publisher?

Definitely! In fact, the editor doesn’t have any CHILI publish branding whatsoever. Additionally, if you really want to differentiate your solution from others built on CHILI publisher, you can even build your own custom UI, providing your customers with a completely unique user experience.


When is Customer Support available?

Our Customer Success team works around the clock, but response times depend on the service level agreement (SLA) established in your contract.

I’d like to resume my maintenance agreement and receive technical support. What are the next steps?

Reactivating your maintenance will happen through purchasing CHILI publisher Online. Please contact our Customer Success team to help you with that.

We are planning a migration, but the servers are in different data centers. How can we accomplish this while minimizing downtime?

The best way to migrate your server and minimize downtime is to schedule it in advance with Customer Support. There should be little to no downtime if you coordinate with our Customer Success Engineers.


I’m new to using CHILI publisher. Can you provide additional product training?

We deliver online and on-site training customized to meet your learning objectives. Please submit a ticket with your request and be sure to specify the subjects you’d like to cover.

Do you provide project consulting?

Absolutely! Our Customer Success Managers can help you plan or manage your CHILI publisher project. Please submit your request via ticket to the attention of our VP of Customer Success.

Can CHILI publish provide integration services?

CHILI publish does not provide integration services, but we do have an extensive list of partners who provide this service. Contact us and we will help you get connected with the best partner for your project.

Does CHILI publish sell prebuilt templates or offer template building services?

We do not provide templates or offer template building services however, we do offer training to teach your staff how to build your own templates using InDesign, Illustrator, or directly within CHILI publisher. Templates are easy to build so you can be productive in no time. If you want outside help to launch or scale up quickly, we do have partners who can build templates. Just contact your Customer Success Manager to get connected with them.