What’s New in CHILI publisher?

We are building the future of automated graphic creation today. That means we never rest - our passion fuels our drive to constantly improve, refine and push boundaries. Here is a quick snapshot of what our development team has been up to lately.

Smart Crop

Stay focused

Using creative automation to generate thousands of output variants that all look like they were created by a designer requires a bit of magic. We’ve taken it a step further with Smart Crop. Using Smart Crop, templates know what the subject of the image is, where to position it, and how to resize it.

Available with CHILI publisher Subscription and CHILI publisher Online.

Multiple Crop Options

Crop it your way

Depending on the type of experience you want to provide your users and their level of technical know-how, you may want to switch up how images are cropped and resized. With new cropping options, you can define how users will interact with images to create an experience that makes sense to them.

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Kees Henniphof

@ CHILI publish

Dynamic Layouts

One template, infinite possibilities

CHILI publish has unlocked the secret to creating infinitely flexible templates – Dynamic Layouts. This game-changing technique allows template builders to easily set up documents to automatically determine frame position, dimension, rotation and more, without using complicated actions or complex logic.

Available with CHILI publisher Subscription and CHILI publisher Online.

Reference Points

Always to the point

Template builders can now choose a reference point for each frame using a 9-point grid. This point determines where transformations to resize or reposition the frame originate from, providing more accurate control without using complex actions.

Dynamic Leading and Tracking

Typographic control freak

Scaling font size is great, but designers want more options to define how text should flex when the volume of copy or the frame size changes. Two new copy fitting options allow just that – tracking and leading. Enable and control – plain and simple.

Path Editor

Curves ahead

Designers can now create and edit custom shapes using the built-in path editor. Shapes can have colors applied to the outline, fill or both, and be used as an image mask too. Additionally, these custom shapes can be saved to the shapes library and repurposed in any template.

Font Subsets

Just the fonts please

Font libraries can be rather large, especially ones created for multiple languages that come with double-byte characters and contain extra glyphs. Using font subsets, only the characters used in the PDF will be embedded in the file, making them more optimized.

Error Handling & Reporting

To err is…expected

Growing weary of incomplete mailing lists and faulty data wreaking havoc when generating VDP output? With our new error handling and reporting, you can better control how errors affect production, set thresholds, and get detailed information on failed records.

Text Flow

Go with the flow

Variable content, alternate designs, and dynamic layouts are a great way to automate creative production, but it shouldn’t look like cookie-cutter design. So, we introduced extra text alignment and word-wrap options to make content flow more naturally, as though each graphic is custom designed.

Barcode Formats

Scan this

New barcode formats frequently pop up to accommodate changing requirements, specifications and specialty applications. Not to worry though, we got you covered. We’re always adding new formats to our already-extensive list of supported barcodes.

Image Fit

Image is everything

Remember when content-heavy templates scaled images into predetermined places to fit the text? Not anymore! Images can now take the lead thanks to a new option that flips the tables on text. With this new fit mode, images will be placed at their original size and text will naturally flow around them.

Template Logic

Conditional love

The action editor in CHILI publisher lets you build the brains into your Smart Templates. To make it even easier to create complex logic, now you can also compare dates and use logical operators within conditional statements. (If this sounds like gibberish, don’t worry – your techies will be happy)

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