What’s New in CHILI publisher?

We are building the future of automated graphic creation today. That means we never rest - our passion fuels our drive to constantly improve, refine and push boundaries. Here is a quick snapshot of what our development team has been up to lately.

CHILI publisher Online

Hardware-free and hassle-free

CHILI publisher is now delivered as a hosted cloud service. No more managing servers, maintaining costly hardware or installing software updates. With automatic updates, 24/7 proactive system monitoring and performance tuning, our team is hard at work so you can stay focused on your business.

New PDF rendering engine

Faster, more efficient PDF output

The new PDF rendering engine, rebuilt from the ground up, generates optimized variable data files at scale. These optimized, light-weight PDFs are more efficient to create, transfer and process throughout your entire workflow.

New Barcode engine

Real time, client-side barcode creation

The new barcode engine creates vector graphics in real time and updates the preview instantly, delivering the best user experience and highest quality possible. Additionally, new barcode types have been added, like GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix, PDF417, and Pharmacode 1-bar, all using the industry-standard OCR-B font.

Device'N Colors

Easily define complex mixed colors

Packaging and other specialty print processes require more complex color definitions. Now you can simply define a mixed color combining CMYK with spot colors like varnish, Pantone, silver, gold and more. You can even make objects made up of multiple spot colors and create advanced underprints and knockouts.

Improved omnichannel support

New options to design for digital

Graphics destined for digital use, such as social media banners, have unique [and very specific] requirements when compared to their print counterparts. CHILI publisher now supports pixels as a unit of measure and hex color definitions, the standard for digital use graphics.

Print production features

Generate production-ready files

For data-driven templates, it's now possible to step multiple files up on a press sheet to optimize your print run and generate ‘production-ready’ output. If you need to have more control over defining custom file naming conventions, we have you covered there as well.

You requested and we responded

Ongoing product improvements

We are always listening to customer requests and constantly driven to deliver the best online editor available. To that end, we've also added the ability to assign variable prefix and suffix styles​, set up placeholder ‘hint text’​, and of course squashing any pesky bugs we've found along the way.