Create and Automate Display Advertising at Scale with CHILI GraFx

CHILI GraFx can output all variants, sizes, etc of display ads instantly from a single Smart Template in GraFx Studio. Create a self-serve template for your Marketing team or fully automate with data-driven production.

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Discover how big brands, retailers and agencies use CHILI GraFx to automate their marketing campaigns.

Create and automate on-brand display ads at scale

Share your designs as cloud-based GraFx Studio Smart Templates that marketers – or anyone else – can easily edit and fill out with content. Highly versatile templates keep your display advertising on-brand, and can output for any destination.

Get granular with variables

Localize and personalize content – or design elements – in your display ads with variable-driven variant creation. Configure GraFx Studio template variables to let users modify any visuals or content you like, while also locking down everything you need for brand compliance and great design.

Automatically resize display ads

GraFx Studio automates display ad resizing, content auto-population, and design variants with mind-blowing creative automation capabilities. Set-it-and-forget-it output parameters generate any shape and size of beautifully formatted display ad in the blink of an eye.

Boost your display ad output

CHILI GraFx can connect to any data source to flow personalized and localized content into highly focused display ad campaigns. Powerful design-variant capabilities then automate production for output in any shape and size.

Expand your ecosystem

CHILI GraFx’s automated graphical production connects to every part of your MarTech ecosystem – think DAM, PIM, CRM, and more. Easy-to-deploy Connectors boost your creative possibilities instantly, while comprehensive APIs and a Software Development Kit make any custom solution possible.

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Now users no longer require a designer to create a document as the dynamic, asset-driven templates are already uploaded, ready for adjustments.

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Can't wait for a demo to see CHILI GraFx in action? Check out this 10-minute video from one of our recent CHILI pulse episodes where we demo our display advertising capabilities.

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