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CHILI GraFx Connector Framework & the First Acquia DAM Connector Released

The CHILI GraFx Connector Framework enables partners to build Connectors between their technologies and our creative automation platform, CHILI GraFx. Each new Connector – whether it’s for a DAM, a PIM, or any other database or system within the content supply chain – increases the value of your offering and boosts ROI from your investment in the CHILI GraFx platform.

With this release, CHILI GraFx puts itself truly on the map as THE CREATIVE AUTOMATION PLATFORM ready to overcome many of the most significant obstacles in the creative production process.

The new custom Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx delivers plug-and-play connectivity with Acquia DAM, providing a host of benefits including:

  • Increased asset usage rates – get more from your DAM investment
  • Creation of on-brand assets based on existing assets in your DAM
  • Single source of truth for media assets in your creative flow
  • Automatic linking and use of metadata from assets stored in the DAM
  • Digital rights respected for accessing assets

As Deanna Ballew, Senior Vice President, DXP & AI at Acquia puts it:

“By using a DAM and hooking it up to Creative Automation, you give yourself peace of mind. Only the content that you have the rights to use in a specific graphic production process will be available to you, so you don't have to worry about selecting the wrong ones anymore.”

Updated in this release:

  • Open-source Connector Framework released
  • Easily connect to use assets from DAM, PIM, or other systems
  • Pull data from any external source into CHILI GraFx while respecting external tool rights and metadata governance
  • Media Connectors can integrate with DAMs or any other system that deliver media (e.g. Google Maps)
  • Media Connectors can retrieve asset metadata applied in external tools (e.g. language, quantities, prices, etc.)
  • Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx is the first of many. Kadanza, Sitecore and others are in the process of developing Connectors using the framework
  • Future Data Connectors will make it possible to hyper-customize/personalize campaigns using other data systems including PIMs, CRMs, and more.

Read about our Connector Framework or find out why Deanna Ballew, Senior Vice President, DXP & AI at Acquia, describes CHILI GraFx and Acquia DAM's relationship as “like peanut butter and jelly”.

Tailor Output Options for Every Need: New GraFx Studio UI Configurations

GraFx Studio now empowers you to create custom user interfaces with pre-configured output settings, tailored for specific end-user needs. This streamlines the experience for your customers, allowing them to easily access the output formats enabled for them, while your template designers retain full functionality within their workspace.

For example, you can create a "Web" interface that only offers PNG and JPG output options, ensuring users focused on digital assets can output exactly what they need, and another interface that restricts output to watermarked content.

This release further solidifies GraFx Studio's position as the leading platform for multichannel graphics production at scale, adding another layer of quality and control to its extensive feature set.

Updated in this release:

  • Create user interfaces tailored to specific needs (e.g., one for production and one with watermarked output for validation)
  • Name your new interface for easy identification
  • Select available output settings from dropdown menus
  • Output settings are grouped by intent: print, digital static, or digital animated
  • Easily manage interface configurations

QR and Barcodes raising the Creative Bar in GraFx Studio

Just released, GraFx Studio has added yet another powerful feature to enhance multichannel (print, digital and animated) graphics production at scale: QR and Barcodes. You’ll already have seen these high contrast line and square patterns everywhere, from the things you buy to the ads you see.

In the print world everyone knows about barcodes – they're all over the product packaging and printed materials we see daily. QR codes really came to the fore during the Corona virus pandemic when consumers often preferred to scan a physical print then engage digitally on their own device. Today, they offer a perfect example of how you can immerse your audience deeper in their customer journey, starting from print then moving to digital after a QR code scan.

This is yet another major GraFx Studio release that will make it easier for anyone wanting to generate multichannel content on the fly. The key takeaways?

When it is time to output your designs in GraFx Studio, you can now easily include a barcode or QR code. GraFx Studio generates these codes according to your intent (Print, Digital, or Animated), ensuring your multichannel output is optimized for its purpose.

Updated in this release:

  • Easy access to all your different barcodes and QR codes via a side panel
  • Search by name or scroll through the list to find what you need.
  • Create resizable barcodes (2D barcodes) and for fixed sized barcodes don’t fret it – GraFx Studio ensures they are always standards compliant.
  • Add bar heights and magnification to scale
  • Change background or bar/grid colors to add some extra punch
  • Enter codes manually or, even better, connect them to variables and add actions to them
  • Codes are embedded in PDFs as vectors which allows for resolution independent scaling.

CMYK & RGB in Perfect Sync with GraFx Studio

GraFx Studio now has desktop-class color capabilities baked in. You can work with RGB or CMYK colors in GraFx Studio, creating swatches and/or assigning colors to your Stylekits. While you do your creative work, both color spaces are accurately displayed as on-screen color (using ICC color management).

This is a major release for anyone working with printed content. The key takeaways?

When it is time to export to your Intent (Print or Digital), CHILI GraFx will render your artwork correctly for that destination. While Digital will be converted fully to RGB, Print will output a PDF that contains colors that keep their working color space: RGB remains RGB, and CMYK remains CMYK.

Moreover, there is no conversion towards a device-specific output intent of CMYK values in the exported PDF. This maintains a wide gamut for CMYK values created in GraFx Studio and applies no color conversion to PDF objects that were placed into the artwork – thus maintaining any color-managed properties of embedded artwork. By outputting PDFs in this way, your printer can choose the best conversion for their device as they go to print.

Updated in this release:

  • Create colors in GraFx Studio using Hex, RGB, or CMYK.
  • Create Stylekit Swatches to store values using Hex, RGB, or CMYK.
  • PDF assets placed in GraFx Studio artwork now maintain their native color information and are not modified during creation or on export.
  • Output PDFs containing accurate CMYK values ready for device-specific conversion by your printer.
  • Accurate on-screen rendering of CMYK colors is fully color-managed using ICC profiles (International Color Consortium).

The result is what-you-see-is-what-you-get content creation for digital and print.

GraFx Studio Gains Layout Intents & Enhanced Print Productions

GraFx Studio introduces Layout Intents for the ultimate multichannel design experience. Simply specify your project's main destination – print, static, or animated – and the interface will adapt to provide the best possible workflow. Layout intents improve template design, adjust UI for the task in hand, and guide end-users' output choices.

With this, GraFx Studio gains new features to facilitate print-specific work:

  • Work in pixels, millimeters or inches, plus automatic conversion when switching layouts
  • CMYK color for precise control of color values in print
  • Document bleed to ensure design accuracy when the page is trimmed
  • A new View Mode that assists proper alignment and layout
  • Backgrounds that adapt to intent for accurate output representation on screen

GraFx Studio Renders Reporting for Complete Control and Insight

We are thrilled to unveil a powerful addition to our CHILI GraFx platform – GraFx Studio Renders Reporting. As GraFx Studio matured into a comprehensive Smart Template builder for print, digital and animation, we are delivering complete visibility and control over the rendering process. Complementing our pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow model, gain deeper insights into your renders, connect actions to impact, and truly start measuring the value of your output.

Refining Access Management with User Groups

Introducing User Groups, a fresh approach to user management within our CHILI GraFx platform. This improved method of access management significantly reduces the time and effort required for setting up user permissions, while maintaining the same high level of security (ISO:27001) that you've come to trust. With User Groups, you'll gain more streamlined control over how you manage users in your large-scale graphic production.

Key Features of User Groups

  • They comprise individuals who assume the same role(s) and share access to similar environments
  • They can have multiple users and a user can be assigned to multiple User Groups.
  • Additionally, extra access rights can still be given to resources on an individual level
  • They can only be set up by a Subscription Admin on the platform
  • There is a default user group that contains all the users form the subscription

Accelerated Template Design With GraFx Genie

GraFx Genie, our proprietary AI(Artificial Intelligence) assistant, now empowers creatives to incorporate actions and business logic through prompts. Presently, GraFx Genie has drastically reduced Smart Template creation time by up to 80%, by generating JavaScript code to enable self-service for a broader audience. Additionally, it assists in platform scripting and continues to expand its capabilities to handle tasks more efficiently. Keep an eye on GraFx Genie as it evolves to further streamline your creative process.

Key Feature of GraFx Genie

  • Generating JavaScript code for Smart Templates through prompts

Centralize media assets with GraFx Media

GraFx Media centralizes, controls and manages the usage of media assets throughout the organization when using the CHILI GraFx platform (yes - that includes GraFx Publisher!) when you don’t have a DAM implementation. Stop wasting time searching for assets or relying on developers to update materials for specific use-cases. GraFx Media ensures instant clarity on approved assets for consistent brand impact.

Key Features of GraFx Media

  • Steer and control media usage with one central environment for asset management
  • Easy UI and UX to add, remove, delete, download, filter, rename, create folders
  • End-users work in a controlled environment with a consistent end-user experience, ensuring brand consistency

No More Fonts Frenzy with GraFx Fonts

GraFx Fonts centralizes, controls and manages the usage of fonts throughout your organization when using GraFx Studio. Avoid the headache of managing fonts across platforms, projects, and clients. GraFx Fonts is visually intuitive and easy to use, while providing powerful tools to centralize font usage.

Key Features of GraFx Fonts

  • No more duplicate fonts, as duplicates are checked for and flagged
  • Works with font families to allow font-style selection
  • Checks exist to ensure correct fonts are licensed to ensure brand consistency

Drive Self-Service Graphics Production with My Projects

My Projects empowers end-users with the ability to customize content while staying true to Brand Guidelines. Using Smart Templates crafted in GraFx Studio by a Template Designer, non-designers can adjust any content they require at scale. This autonomy enables users to meet specific customer demands promptly and effectively in graphic production. A user-friendly UI and UX make seamless modifications easy, accelerating time-to-market and reducing design expenses simultaneously.

Key Features of My Projects

  • Self-serve portal for end-users
  • Sophisticated Actions & Business logic become user-friendly UI & UX in this interface
  • End-users can tap into integrations (DAM, PIM, CDN,etc...) when integrations are set up.

GraFx Publisher for cloud-based press-ready PDFs

GraFx Publisher, formerly known as CHILI Publisher, is our first application launched on the GraFx platform. Originally an on-premises solution, it's now 100% cloud-based. This tool generates fully preflighted, press-ready PDFs and other image formats in various color spaces. It offers optional features like die cuts and registration colors, ensuring reliable print output. GraFx Publisher facilitates versatile, audience-specific variant production.

Key Features of GraFx Publisher

  • Dynamic Templates: change size, color, text etc, depending on your input
  • Copy fitting: input any copy in your print design and the feature makes sure it fits
  • All print-necessary features; CMYK color, die cuts, page bleed and much more
  • Connect to any data source: lights out graphics production & Variable Data Print (VDP) output

GraFx Studio for Multichannel Graphics Production at Scale

With GraFx Studio, graphic production at scale reaches new heights. The Smart Template editor enables seamless creation of animated and digital output. Designers craft templates with Brand Guidelines, Business Logic, and Media, while Developers integrate them via open API. This boosts speed, relevance and consistency of digital-animated but also print output for end-users. GraFx Studio marks another significant-boost for the CHILI GraFx platform.

Key Features of GraFx Studio

  • Actions & Business logic give control of how templates react to end-user input
  • My Projects makes self-serving content easy
  • Super easy UI and UX make working in GraFx Studio fun and relatable
  • Connect to any data source for fully automated graphical production
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