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Tue, Dec 18 - 04:00 PM CET

Tue, Dec 18 - 04:00 PM CET2018

CHILI publisher VDP enhancements | English

Personalization remains a key priority within the VDP market. CHILI publisher yet again raises the bar and benchmark for companies investigating the software driver needed within their own platform for mid-size and niche personalization. The mid-size and niche market range can count on an attractive front-end to source templates, a scalable server service, and a customer-facing approach. Your CHILI hosts shows and tells your options. Ready for VDP? Sign up to find out!

Find what CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine can do for you in this introduction webinar. You'll get to know our company and product (features) better during a live demonstration.


Wed, Jan 23 - 06:00 PM CET2019

Elevating Modern Marketing: Making Assets Dynamic - Theresa Regli | English

Are your assets sitting in a DAM, static, requiring human intervention for anything useful to happen? Do you need to create personalized marketing campaigns, localized packaging, or custom advertising -- yet it seems to take forever? This webinar will explore approaches for making your assets more dynamic. We'll look at approaches to populating smart templates with digital assets, based on data, rather than perpetuating tedious manual processes


Wed, Jan 23 - 06:00 PM CET