ISO 27001 certification for Creative Automation software vendor CHILI publish

Highest information security level for integrated, data-driven graphic production processes at brands worldwide

Chicago, Aalst (USA, Belgium), March 3rd, 2022CHILI publish today announces it is ISO 27001:2017 certified. This certification builds on CHILI publish’s ongoing security efforts and brings the highest level of data reliability and security to customers of the company’s creative automation software solution.

Security has always been a top priority for our organization and our employees; it permeates everything we do,” says Bram Verniest, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of CHILI publish. “As our creative automation solution moved to a SaaS business model, we wanted to give our growing list of Fortune 100 customers an official endorsement of our information security focus. Achieving the ISO 27001 certification gives our clients the highest level of confidence in how their data is managed. We could not be more proud of how the entire CHILI publish organization rallied to achieve certification this year and continues to commit to a controlled business process.”

Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), 27001 is a comprehensive security management standard that specifies a set of best practices and controls. ISO 27001 certified companies have demonstrated they can securely manage assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details, or information entrusted by third parties.

To achieve ISO 27001 certification, an auditor representing a certification body reviews the organization’s practices, policies, and procedures and assesses whether it meets the requirements of the Standard. Brand Compliance was the accredited auditor in charge. Guided by knowledge management consultant White Ravens Consulting BV and cyber security and privacy service provider Approach, Wesley Walraeve, IT manager at CHILI publish, led the CHILI publish audit. He adds:

Although our technology specializes in Smart Templates, we did not want to use some run-of-the-mill market templates for this audit. We took our time to draft and craft all the different processes to make sure our information security levels are as stable, reliable, and tailored as the solutions they’re applied to.

“Information security should be a top priority at every company, and CHILI publish did not disappoint in delivering on its promise,” says Tonny Oude Kempers, Auditor Information Security at Brand Compliance. “During the certification process, each team member we encountered was highly committed to attaining the highest information security standard in ISO 27001 certification.”

The creative automation platform offered by CHILI publish gives consumer brands and the agencies that serve them the opportunity to customize digital and print content at scale, enabling them to automate fast-moving inventory changes and multi-channel and multi-format personalization faster and easier than ever before. The company serves a variety of markets, including Fortune 100 brands in retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), especially FMCG and F&B, and it continues to discover new use cases for automotive, real estate, and franchise-based industries. Achieving ISO 27001 certification aligns with the demands from these customers and ensures them of the highest level of security on the agile, productive, scalable platform offered by CHILI publish.

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Über CHILI publish

CHILI publish is the Creative Automation company. Our platform, CHILI GraFx, is built for global brands and agencies producing multichannel graphics at scale. Our clients trust CHILI GraFx to boost visual asset production and brand enablement, reduce time to market for new products and allow them to reallocate resources and seize new market opportunity.

CHILI GraFx launched in the first half of 2023, putting the power of Smart Templates in the hands of Designers and Developers who embrace technology to produce more and better graphics, faster than ever before. With our CREATE Community, our goal is to learn, share and grow the impact of creative automation.


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