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Obility – Online Business Applications - is a web-based e-commerce and e-business system.

Increased revenue with e-commerce: Obility Shop-Systems

Via e-commerce companies market their services at online-shops over the web or faciliate the order processes for their regular customers with portals (closed shops). The more specific a company can tailor their E-Commerce systems to the requirements of their customers the more successful they can realize their business models. The Obility software proves itself as being highly flexible in that regard. By this, Obility allows for shop systems with a diverse selection of different business models while a wide array of powerful functionalities and application modules are available. These are constantly expanded by experienced application- and web-developers.

Reduced costs thanks to e-business and online processes: Obility Process-Control

Efficient order flows are increasing the rentability of businesses. Obility offers a complete order management including all important ERP functions for the internal order flow. Furthermore, Obility offers the automatization of processes which allows for an increased speed and cost savings for these workflows. The Obility Order-Management and Process-Control is based on the web and not bound to a particular place. Via this, companies may include external employees or cross-cooperate.

Web-to-print with Obility

Obility delivers extensive web-to-print functionalities for the printing industriy and print-buyers to order printing goods online - including the customization of print templates online, the online configuration and calculation of printing goods, the automated organization of printed products and order interfaces.

More flexbility with open interfaces

To allow for a company’s flexbility and to make sure that proven applications aren’t left out Obility offers open interfaces for the application of shop systems as also for the order flow and the process automatization. Obility also integrates the CHILI Publisher so that companies may offer their web-to-print customers the full array of possibilities to customize their printing templates

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Obility – Online Business Applications - is a web-based e-commerce and e-business system.

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