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Kadanza is a digital asset management and web-to-print platform built by brand and identity experts. It is a customisable, scalable and cloud-based suite of tools used to build and maintain consistent and valuable content for your brand, both on- and offline. CHILI Publisher is integrated into Kadanza, which allows users to design and edit their communication materials with user-friendly branded templates. And this will save you time and money.​

Kadanza is built by KAN Design & Brand Management, a team of brand and identity experts devoted to delivering strong brands since 1987. Our experience in branding makes our brand management platform stand out from the crowd. Why? Because we understand what challenges brand owners face today. And this is crucial for what we do: we don’t just design brands; we help brands to tell a consistent story.

How we do this is an elaborate story that we gladly come and present to you… We have created five tools that are at the core of Kadanza and that make Kadanza a platform with which you can manage your company’s:

  • brand strategy and guidelines
  • brand assets
  • communication materials
  • packaging
  • signage

Let’s start with the Brand Manager : our personalised, branded CMS to host your brand’s strategy and share guidelines. With the Asset Manager, you can organise and distribute all of your brand assets in a fully branded and secure environment. Using Chili Publisher, we have created the Layout Manager, a tool that allows users to design, edit and manage their own communication materials with user-friendly templates.

Because Kadanza likes to take brand management to the next level, it also includes two more custom tools to manage, control and update other important brand touchpoints: the Packaging Manager and the Signage Manager. The Packaging Manager is a tailor-made packaging design and database management platform, created for organisations that need powerful, flexible and sustainable solutions for managing large collections of labels and packaging designs. The fifth tool is the Signage Manager: a fully customisable platform to design, edit and manage complex internal and external signage programs.

Today, Kadanza is a platform that offers you a great range of possibilities. We will keep on growing, just as our clients’ needs grow and as technology evolves. Kadanza takes your brand’s identity to the next level. It is a means to deliver a brand’s never-ending story. After all, what is a design or a brand without a proper way to manage it? That’s why Kandesign can offer you a sustainable solution, founded on personalised, strategic design management consulting. Therefore we focus on:

  • User-friendliness: Kadanza has an intuitive, responsive and fully branded interface
  • Scalability: Kadanza can grow with your organisation’s ambitions
  • Customisability: Kadanza can offer tailor-made solutions
  • Flexibility: Kadanza can be seamlessly integrated into various platforms
  • Brand engagement: Kadanza is designed to live the brand

Kandesign has a team of professional template developers who can create your templates to make sure they reach their full potential. We can also help you with custom integrations of our platform and the creation of customized packaging solutions. Because as we mentioned before, Kandesign does not just design brands; we help brands to tell a consistent story.

While Kadanza counts on CHILI publishers online document editing tool for it’s Layout Manager, CHILI publish uses Kadanza’s Brand Manager to manage their branding and communication guidelines, and Kadanza’s Asset Manager for managing and sharing their assets. So you could say that both companies know each other’s products really well.

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KAN Design & Brand Management ist seit 30 Jahren im Geschäft und betreut eine Vielzahl von B2B-Unternehmen und Marken mit Markenführung, Entwicklung und Marketing-Lösungen. 6 Jahre nach der Implementierung des CHILI publisher entwickelt das Unternehmen mit dem Tool jährlich durchschnittlich 100.000 Templates. 3 von insgesamt 200 Mitarbeitern arbeiten in Vollzeit mit dem CHILI publisher. Nico schließt seine Erläuterung ab: „Bei Marken geht es um Innovation und Beständigkeit. Und das gilt auch für ein erfolgreiches Geschäft. Die Integration des CHILI publisher hat uns neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet, und neue Märkte. Unser Team ist gewachsen. Wir haben ein Büro in New York eröffnet und neue Lösungen entwickelt. Es ist wirklich eine großartige Lösung mit erstaunlichen Funktionen. Wir arbeiten gerne mit einem Team zusammen, das unsere Zukunftsvision versteht und den dazu passenden, zukunftssicheren Service anbietet.“.

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