CHILI GraFx for Brands

Solving brand enablement challenges at scale

The digital age demands excellence in creativity and strategic innovation in brand enablement. That’s why global brands are turning to creative automation to deliver high-volume brand messaging that is coherent, captivating, and consistent – for any channel or location.

Major Challenges for Brand Marketing

Multichannel Consistency

Brands must ensure their identity is consistent across all channels. From social media to print advertising, the challenge is to create a unified brand experience for audiences everywhere.

Scaling Creative Production

The demand for diverse, high-quality, channel-specific content has increased. Brands need to produce varied content at scale without diluting their core message or compromising on quality.

Addressing Rapid Change

Today's brands must be responsive to market changes. This involves a streamlined marketing production workflow that can adapt to rapid changes in consumer trends and market demands.

By unifying how we work and automating recurring tasks, we were able to free up significant time and resources for the more complex marketing initiatives requiring human creativity and ingenuity.

Kathleen Bauwens

@ Colruyt Group

CHILI GraFx - Brand Solutions

CHILI GraFx is an adaptable and user-friendly platform that delivers a one-stop solution for brands' graphic creation and production needs. Industry-leading creative automation technology facilitates rapidly scalable, high-volume graphic output while ensuring brand consistency across all channels (digital, animation, and print).

Smart Templates

CHILI GraFx Smart Templates make easy the creation of consistently branded output for any channel, while enabling customization by end users or through data-driven workflows.

Scalable Output

CHILI GraFx's streamlined, automated graphic production enables brands to efficiently produce a high volume of diverse, channel-specific content at scale without compromising on quality.

Adaptable Workflows

Customizable and centralized workflows enable brand teams to respond rapidly to emerging trends and consumer demands while effortlessly upholding their brand's creative vision.

What CHILI publish gives us and what automation gives us is brand on brand everytime.

Gary George

Global MarTech Director

@ HH Global

Customer Success Stories at Brands

CHILI GraFx streamlines graphic production for brands across the globe, ensuring consistent brand experiences, accelerating time-to-market, and maximizing creative output.

Streamlining Marketing at Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group, with CHILI GraFx and a visionary in-house agency approach, has transformed marketing for 30 brands across various sectors. By introducing a new service model featuring co-creation, self-service, and bespoke projects, they've optimized resource allocation, enabling a focus on high-impact creative tasks. This strategic shift has not only enhanced brand consistency across the portfolio but also significantly improved creative productivity, showcasing the power of creative automation in retail.


Branding Evolution at Airbus

Airbus use CHILI GraFx for their online Brand Portal to enhance brand consistency across their vast operations. Innovative technology enables staff to create marketing materials that adhere to strict guidelines, streamlining processes and fostering a self-reliant approach to brand-centric collateral creation, significantly saving time and reducing costs.


Empowering American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society revolutionized their marketing with CHILI GraFx, developing a global Artwork Builder that streamlined marketing creation, aligning all materials with brand guidelines, and dramatically reducing production time. This demonstrates the power of a creative automation platform in enhancing brand consistency and efficiency.


Discover how CHILI GraFx can help your brand

Whatever the scale of your brand, CHILI publish is committed to helping you achieve your creative potential while maintaining a clear, predictable budget.

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