The Unique Role of the "New Creative"

Are you intrigued by the blend of technology and human ingenuity? Ever wondered about the roles and responsibilities that the new era of creative automation technology will bring?

One person who has pondered these questions more than most is Chris Bilbao, Vice President of e-Commerce at The Sourcing Group. In today’s CHILIpulse, we speak to Chris about the emerging role of The New Creative – individuals blending graphic design skills with technical prowess, and promising to redefine how creative work is done.

The New Creatives: Where Technology Meets Human Ingenuity

Technology has the potential to empower, but human insight is required to breathe life into it. At The Sourcing Group, Chris Bilbao leads a diverse tech team comprised of solution specialists, graphic designers, and more. Recently, one new role has captivated Chris’s attention: The New Creative.

Imagine infusing a graphic designer with a technician's attention to procedural detail and a business strategist's understanding of nuanced needs. The result? An individual not only capable of crafting aesthetically pleasing designs but also adept at ensuring they align seamlessly with business objectives. These New Creatives, moreover, take on a crucial role in quality assurance, rigorously testing their creations to guarantee flawless delivery every time.

It’ll come as no surprise that businesses like The Sourcing Group are increasingly seeking out these New Creatives to produce impeccable content at scale.

Attention to Design and Technical Details

With platforms like CHILI GraFx offering powerful tools for creative automation at scale, these New Creatives are poised not only to generate visually striking templates but also engage with technology to enhance and amplify impactful output.

Chris sees a lot of value in bringing on board team members with this skill set:

What we're looking for is an individual with a creative mindset… graphic design knowledge and some proficiency in Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®. Then, on the other side, you also want somebody with a critical thinking mindset.

Chris Bilbao

Vice President, E-Commerce

@ The Sourcing Group

Platforms like CHILI GraFx offer endless customization possibilities, so it becomes crucial for the New Creatives to anticipate potential challenges and guarantee flawless experiences for template end users. Chris elaborates, viewing a New Creative as somebody:

[…] concerned with the details of what we are saying, because with CHILI GraFx, we offer robustly configurable products online to our customers… and so you've got many different options and different modals to customize the product where there is a chance of error creeping in.

Chris Bilbao

Vice President, E-Commerce

@ The Sourcing Group

The analytical skills Chris describes ensure that every detail of a design will stand out perfectly once the templated artwork is shared with end users.

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