Getting Promotions To Market Faster with Smart Templates

Creating eye-catching retail promotions can sometimes feel like a never-ending sprint. The fast-paced world of retail demands rapid turnaround times, leaving marketing creatives grappling with long hours, overbearing workloads, and the constant pressure to deliver. But what if there was a way to ease the strain, all while accelerating your promotional timeline? Enter CHILI GraFx’s Smart Templates – your game-changer in the world of retail graphical production.

Tackling the Retail Time Crunch

Let's set the scene. Your team just received the visuals for the next promotional campaign, and the clock is already ticking. The deadline is uncomfortably close. To produce all the graphic variants required, your team faces the daunting prospect of long hours slogging away in Adobe® InDesign®, and possibly even surrendering their weekend to meet the impending due date. It's a story told all too often in retail marketing – but does it have to be this way?

Tim Daisy, Account Executive at CHILI publish, works hours that are as long as your design teams'. His passion: introducing retail, agencies, and brands to the breakthrough technology of Creative Automation.

I hear it all the time. Retail Marketers come to me and they say, by the time we get the design brief and the approvals, we only have a few days to deliver the promotion. And the expectation is it should happen just like that, even if there's 700 or 1500 variations on that design. It’s why they’ve gotten in touch. You see, they’ve heard about Creative Automation, and they’re hoping it can help overcome these stressful challenges.

Tim Daisy

@ CHILI publish

The Struggle to be Consistent

Aside from the human cost, there's another major hurdle to overcome: brand consistency. In the retail space, your messaging and graphics need to be aligned and consistent, whether it’s a window cling, ceiling signage, shelf tag, or a digital asset. However, adhering to brand guidelines over 1000s of variants of differing sizes and formats can be massively challenging.

Each new variant requires time, effort, and sometimes a pinch of creativity to make things fit. And when you multiply these variations across hundreds or even thousands of stores and graphics – each with its own language and product range – it's easy to see why Marketing & Design teams frequently experience huge pressure and almost impossible deadlines.

Smart Templates: Your Key to Creative Efficiency

Enter CHILI GraFx's Smart Templates. These dynamic layout files, editable and accessible in the cloud, overcome all the hurdles of quickly and efficiently producing graphical variants. They offer a real lifeline to Creative teams and Marketing departments.

If you're familiar with regular templates, you're aware of their value. Creative operations often have extensive template libraries to handle size variations. But where Smart Templates shine is in their ability to adapt to the need for graphical variants while staying on-brand.

Smart Templates can be created by your design team then populated by a data source (files, API connection, etc.) or made available in the cloud for manual content entry by end users.

But with Smart Templates, the data doesn’t only drive content; the data also drives layout and design parameters, offering fast resizing, automated layout adjustments, style modifications, etc. all while respecting brand and design guidelines.

Through Creative Automation with CHILI GraFx, we can create variables in the Smart Templates, then use a data source to produce the content and appearance of hundreds, if not thousands, of variations.

Tim Daisy

@ CHILI publish

Smart Templates can therefore generate output at a very high volume of sizes and styles with personalized and localized content in seconds. That’s not something you’ll want to try doing manually in Adobe® InDesign® for every promotion—especially before the weekend!

From Print to Pixels: Mastering Multichannel Output

Consistency doesn't end with physical signage and choosing the right SPOT or CMYK color values on the press. In today's digital age, your retail promotions need to work just as well on a screen as they do physically in-store. And with CHILI GraFx, you can master multichannel output with ease.

Whether you're creating print material for POS displays, designing static digital ads, or animating digital store displays, CHILI GraFx has you covered. Need to switch from CMYK for print to RGB for digital? No problem. CHILI GraFx seamlessly handles the conversion, ensuring your promotions look their best, regardless of the medium.

One single design can drive both print output and digital output. With CHILI GraFx, we have full support for CMYK, SPOT, overprint, font-embedding, and every other press requirement on the print side. And because print quality is absolutely critical for point of purchase displays, CHILI GraFx provides a robust preflight engine too. On the digital side, we have RGB output for static and animated graphics. CHILI GraFx drives it all, and output is consistently high quality.

Tim Daisy

@ CHILI publish

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