Bolstering Operations Optimization & Security with CHILI GraFx SSO

As businesses grow and their digital platforms expand, managing user identities can become a real challenge. This holds true for team members involved in the graphical production process. Ensuring the right people in this team have the right access privileges at the right time is often a complex and difficult task that tries to improve on scattered identity management across multiple platforms. But what if there was a way to centralize identity management, optimize operations, enhance user experience, and bolster security all at once? That’s where Single Sign-On (SSO) comes in, and it's baked right into CHILI GraFx – the Creative Automation platform – to help you manage creative team members.

Untangling the Web of User Identities

When it comes to managing user identities, businesses often struggle with multiple versions of user data spread across several platforms. This makes managing user privileges, roles, and permissions a complicated task. But, as Borja Roux Lorenzo, DevOps Engineer at CHILI publish, highlights in our latest episode of CHILIpulse, a brighter future for identity management lies in centralization.

Instead of having 100 different versions of a user spread across 100 different places, there is one single version of your user. It's why we have this in CHILI GraFx. It's easier to manage for us, and for our customers.

Borja Roux Lorenzo

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However, centralizing identity management doesn't mean compromising on security or the integrity of user data. It means simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency. That's where Single Sign-On (SSO) and Silent Sign-On (SSO) come into play.

Single Sign-On & Silent Sign-On: No More Password Puzzles!

Single sign-on is a mechanism that allows users to access multiple applications or platforms by providing their credentials just once. It's about eliminating the hassle of remembering numerous passwords and reducing the risk of potential security breaches.

Silent sign-on is about providing a seamless user experience. In the context of CHILI GraFx, it allows you to integrate our platform into your company's toolset, making it feel like a native part of your work environment, rather than a separate entity.

You don't want to be asking a user for their username and password every single time they need to use a tool. That's not secure. So, Single and Silent sign-on are about making it easy for them to work without being bothered, and also making it easy to manage multiple platforms and platform users within your company environment.

Borja Roux Lorenzo

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SSO and Silent SSO, therefore, not only significantly bolster security and user experience, but also ensure operational ease and efficiency.

CHILI GraFx SSO: A Global Identity Bridge

CHILI GraFx's approach to Single Sign-On focusses on bridging the gap between local and global identity management. We make sure companies can integrate CHILI GraFx as part of their own user management systems, if they choose, providing them with a consistent user experience and eliminating the need for multiple credentials or management of multiple platforms.

Some companies say, “Oh, I do not want to manage my users there, in that platform. I want to manage my users here in my company because I already have my procedures and compliance requirements set that I must abide by.” No problem. In that case, we offer interfaces for those customers to integrate CHILI GraFx as part of their toolset for their employees.

Borja Roux Lorenzo

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These features reduce the stress associated with multiple logins, creating a smooth workflow for users and eliminating 'password fatigue'. They also streamline the management of user authentication, freeing up resources and time spent on password recovery and user support.

In conclusion, SSO and Silent SSO contribute towards creating a secure, user-friendly digital ecosystem that promotes operational efficiency and a superior user experience.

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Borja Roux Lorenzo

DevOps Engineer (Chapter DevOps)

Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

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