Discover why CHILI publisher goes way beyond basic automation in Adobe® InDesign®

Creating complex personalized marketing assets with Adobe® InDesign® quickly becomes cumbersome. Add localization, regionalization, customization, campaign-specific iterations, and other requirements, and the process can easily slow to a costly and error-prone crawl. Unlike InDesign, CHILI publisher was designed to deliver complex and dynamic personalization at scale—and much more!

Make (In)Design templates smarter

With CHILI publisher Smart Templates, you can easily export your artwork from InDesign, configure what’s editable—including auto-magic resize options—and share. This enables end-users to create customized artwork online that strictly adheres to brand guidelines without needing design tools.

  • Super-easy, self-service designs
  • Control what’s editable in any design
  • Customizations locked to brand guidelines

Automate designs at scale with smart templates

Unlike InDesign VDP, mail merge, and direct mail tools, CHILI publisher’s document intelligence can output a diversity of content and styles based on personalization data. Powerful rules, variables and conditional logic help tailor output to each recipient’s exact tastes.

  • Rapid personalization of content (images, coupons, etc.)
  • Styles suited to each recipient
  • Lights-out production of design variants

Design once and let smart tools handle the variants

CHILI publisher’s smart tools can automatically create hundreds or even thousands of design variants of all shapes and sizes without messing with your design fundamentals. You can smart crop and position imagery, auto-grow content, use copyfitting to avoid text overflow, anchor elements or let them reposition, and much more.

  • Maintain design integrity in variants
  • Reframe & crop images relative to layout changes
  • Auto-grow, anchor or reposition content
  • Set copyfitting to ensure your message isn’t cropped

Populate designs with variable data

Need to import content from DAM, PIM, CMS, CRM, eCommerce, or virtually anything else? No problem, thanks to CHILI publisher’s robust REST API. It delivers all the power of VDP plus the capacity to create alternative designs in the blink of an eye.

  • REST API connects to any source
  • Enterprise-level automation, unlike InDesign
  • Any personalized, data-driven design is possible

Create with the tools you love

Designers love Adobe InDesign and Illustrator®. But for Creative Automation, CHILI publisher is the right tool for the job. Dedicated plugins for InDesign and Illustrator make exporting to Smart Templates a breeze, taking your designs far beyond the automation capabilities of desktop apps.

  • Creatives use their preferred design tools
  • Native plugins export to smart templates
  • Professional designs are creatively automated
  • Low learning curve to get started creating templates

Jessica Berlin

We went from 2000 hours spent on one-off designs to just 117 hours the year after

We render millions of designs every month. We got you.

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