How template software will help keep your marketing assets on brand

Are you tired of colleagues and stakeholders not following your in-house brand bible and diluting your messaging with badly branded marketing output?

Keeping your marketing output on brand and in check

As a marketer, you know that branding is everything. From the right use of your logo to the correct placement of your corporate colours, anything out of sync with your in-house style guide or brand bible can really affect the success of your messaging. You’ve invested a lot in your branding after all, so you need to make sure it’s protected.

There can be a lot of contributing factors including a lack of resources to comply with manual design requests and a lack of patience from decentralized departments, but all those manual changes equal a high risk of human errors and confused messaging.

So, why not embed all that sensitive brand knowledge and guidelines into a brand template software?

  • Brand – Protect the legitimacy of your branding with locked-in content. Users don’t see the restrictions you’ve set in place, so the templates they utilize will always steer towards the right use of brand.
  • Template – Smart Templates enable you to create original designs for offline and online use that are 100% brand compliant with specific locked and unlocked sections. Editable areas still allow for creativity and input, including colors, copy, pricing and more.
  • Software – Utilizing the right brand template solution means smooth integration with your existing systems, with full support for use in-browser so users can access Smart Templates anytime. Embrace decentralized input via centralized management.
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What are the perks of using CHILI publisher?

For the user

The creative process is managed, but not micro-managed. Users feel free to flex their creative muscles, but the hidden hand of your brand guidelines is always there to keep your teams on track.

For the brand

The brand is always protected and on-point. CHILI publisher provides a one-off software investment that secures a reliable product lifecycle of consistent marketing excellence.

For the business

With the right brand template software in place, marketing & sales output can go to market faster and scale more easily without having to worry about brand compliance.

Thomas Julé

@ Airbus

Unified, on-brand visuals everywhere on just the one brand platform.

Your brand needs the right tools

  • SaaS/API/Cloud

CHILI publisher Online enables users to access brand-friendly Smart Templates wherever they are direct from a browser. Faster access means faster deployment, a real SaaS perk. The Rest API takes care of the smooth integration with any DAM/PIM or management system you have in place.

  • Smart Templates

Now brand template software is complete with Smart Templates, restricting editing just enough so your brand guidelines are always maintained.

  • Dynamic Layouts

Position elements with relative or calculated values, so Smart Templates are even easier to build, edit and maintain.

  • Smart Integration

Create and rely on a consistent and killer user experience that protects your brand while supporting the creative input of your marketers and designers.

Have we met your tastebuds for all things brand template software?

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