The community gathering for Creative Tech professionals

SPICY talks ’22 returns in person! This year’s unmissable event will see the big reveal of our brand new platform. Get ready to take ‘phygital’ variant production to a whole new level!

Bring your whole team – there’s something for everyone:

  • Industry insights from Forrester on why Creative Tech is crucial to your future
  • Tactics, technology and tips from agencies, brands, and software companies
  • Inspiring learning sessions so you can create and do more – with Dave Birss
  • Head-start sessions on Template-builder Certification for the new CHILI publish Creative Automation platform
  • One-to-one meetings with companies powered by CHILI publisher

Don’t miss out on this year’s best opportunity to learn more about the evolution of CHILI publisher, hear from industry experts, and get on board with the exciting ‘phygital’ future.

This was SPICY talks 2022!

What to expect?

Technical track

This year’s technical track for CHILI publish platform users is comprised of novice, intermediate and advanced sessions. You can even get certified on the new product! The novice classes are created for all roles who interact with graphic production – to get an orientation of unique features that both reduce manual tasks, and help the business with more efficiencies and increased ROI.

Expect to see Technical Tracks updated here over the coming weeks. Here’s a sample of what’s in the works:

CHILI labs

  • Unleash your 'phygital' using our new product
  • Pluggable connectors in the new product!
  • Rest API tips
  • Social commerce with a twist


  • Building your first new platform integration

A look under the hood of CHILI publisher

  • Why we made the technical choices we did
Business track

Learn about the state of the market and the role that Creative Tech will play in your future during the multiple expert keynotes, customer use cases, and industry leaders attending this year's event. Attendees will have the oppotunrity to schedule on-to-one meetings in advance and enjoy demos of our new Creative Automation platform and from our valued partners.

Over the coming weeks, we will reveal the exciting sessions we have prepared. This is a taste of the industry experts you will be able to meet during SPICY talks '22 Europe:

  • Jay Pattisall - Principal Analyst at FORRESTER - will present key phygital market trends that will present challenges and opportunities for retail and CPG brands.
  • Dave Birss, former advertising creative director at some of the biggest brands and agencies, will give tips and tricks on how to boost creativity and innovation.

And much more!

Expert Area

Quick technical question? Take time to talk face to face with one of our experts or partners.

Plenary sessions

Renowned speakers like Forrester, Dave Birss, and many others.

Business sessions

Sessions on strategy, vision and business life of brands, commercial printers, agencies and label & packaging.

Training sessions

One size doesn't fit all. We have novice or advanced sessions to make sure we fill everybody's needs.