Online Editor to Automate Design and Generate Artwork

Upgrade your web portal with the industry's most innovative online document editor. With our user-friendly editor, anyone can use templates to create artwork automatically. In seconds, generate ready to use files for virtually any print process or digital platform.

Scalable Cloud Service

CHILI publisher Online is a managed cloud service, which means you get enterprise-level performance without the IT overhead of managing servers or maintaining costly hardware. Automatic updates, 24/7 system monitoring, proactive performance tuning, and rigorous backup procedures ensure maximum productivity and reliability.

Desktop Design or Online

Our plugins for Adobe® InDesign® and Illustrator® bridge the gap between desktop design and CHILI publisher. Designers can create artwork using familiar tools, then convert and upload files to the server in one step. Alternatively, documents can be created using the online editor, skipping desktop design altogether.

Smart Templates

Convert your static graphics into Smart Templates, which blend design decisions, document intelligence, brand guidelines, and automation into a flexible, easy to customize template. Imagine being able to give everyone self-service access to customizable designs with complete confidence.

Advanced Core Tools

CHILI publisher is a feature-rich, online document editor and Smart Template creation tool. This all-in-one tool provides administrators with everything needed to lay out documents, create templates, program logic, lock page elements, set up variables, create alternate layouts, set up copyfitting, define character and paragraph styles, and much more.

Simplified Editing

A simplified workspace provides end users with a friendly yet powerful editor where they can easily customize templates using form-based editing, inline text editing or a combination of both. Users can also select images from a repository, upload from their desktop, upload or link to data, preflight and proof documents all from their browser.

Alternate Layouts

Smart Templates can accommodate versions, design changes, layout transformations and even multiple page sizes and orientations based on user input. With alternate layouts, every element on the page can be automatically sized and positioned using object anchoring, relative positioning, visibility and more.

True Typography

Use all your favorite TrueType and OpenType fonts with confidence. Our editor provides complete control over character and paragraph settings and our text engine ensures accurate typography rendering. To further simplify design, InDesign paragraph and character styles are inherited when you import your art, or you can create custom styles too.

Template Snippets

Take Smart Templates one step further with snippets. Snippets are like template building blocks and can be handy for complex documents that are made up of reusable smaller elements. Examples include weekly mailers, catalogs and newsletters that use coupons, ads or product information.

Connect to External Resources

Frequently, designs rely on static or dynamic content, such as images, graphics and product data, which may be managed by other software. Connecting to external resources – like DAM and PIM systems, file repositories, XML feeds, and nearly any other system that provides an API – is key to building automated workflows that use the most up-to-date content.

Automate Customization

Using data to automatically create numerous variations is a game changer. Whether you need to personalize output for each recipient, generate a library of web ads and banners, or version packaging designs, users can upload a spreadsheet or link to a data source to automate customization.

Ready-to-go Output Files

Smart Templates can be designed for digital use, print or even both. Consequently, output settings need to be equally flexible to handle file specifications of all types. PDF export settings can be defined to yield optimal print results, image output settings control format, size and color space, and there are even settings for output to IDML and other formats.

Winning User Experience

We’ve built the industry’s best editor, enabling users of any skill set to customize documents online. Your customers, however, might have special requirements or unique needs. Using a combination of custom workspaces, view preferences, and constraints, you can fine-tune the user interface providing your customers with their best experience.

Extensive APIs

Our API-first approach means every aspect of CHILI publisher can be controlled using our REST APIs, making it possible to easily integrate with your web portal or e-commerce platform of choice. Using versioned REST APIs ensures stability and reliability for your frontend application.

Easily Integrated

Integrates easily into existing web portals and fully customizes to match your brand


Full automated artwork generation in the background


Smart Templates can be edited online, by users of any skill set