Software for Smart Artwork and Marketing Material Creation

Convert your graphics to smart templates. Allow users of any skillset to edit customizable documents in a browser, or fully automate artwork generation. CHILI publish' output files are ready to use for print and digital in virtually any application.

API first

Using SOAP or REST services on the server and Javascript on the client side, the CHILI publish API makes it easy to integrate into any portal and allows for the use of a custom user interface.

Easy Input

The CHILI publisher plugins for Adobe® let you create smart templates from within Adobe Indesign® or Illustrator®. The XML file format and its DOM is well-documented and lets advanced users create smart templates from scratch.

Advanced Editing Features

Easily customize the interface to fit user needs. Edit text inline or with a form. Use image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, and others. Define CMYK, spot, RGB and even Lab colors. Organize the smart template with layers. Live preflighting warnings and reports warn you of any potential problems.

True Typography

Use Truetype or Opentype fonts, and Paragraph and Character Styles inherited from Indesign, or create your own. Apply hyphenation with on-board or custom hyphenation libraries.

Document intelligence

Use constraints selectively lock documents, pages, layers, or even individual objects, or their contents. Limit the paragraph styles to be used. Define a frame's position based on another frame with Anchoring. If needed, Copyfitting reduces font size to make text fit inside a frame. Use variables for easy customization, or to trigger document scripting intelligence. Create multiple versions of the same document with alternate Layouts. Apply many different types of barcodes.

Connect to External Resources

Connect to external data feeds like image repositories, DAM systems, PIM systems, XML feeds, and even Excel or Google spreadsheets.

Ready-to-go Output Files

Output repro-ready PDF or images. Use the same tool to generate omni-channel output for print and online use. Preview the designs on 3D objects in real time.

Easily Integrated

Integrates easily into existing web portals and fully customizes to match your brand


Full automated artwork generation in the background


Smart templates can be edited online, by users of any skillset