Personalization - the key to performance for SELL

SELL (France) invests in CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, for its ease of access and integration.

Erembodegem, Belgium, 13 September 2018SELL BASE is a platform that centralizes and manages thousands of product references for corporations and communication agencies. It consists of two central modules: SELL Publishing, which automates the catalog and brochure creation process, and SELL Digital for web and mobile applications. The integration of CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine by CHILI publish, within SELL BASE has significantly improved the marketing effectiveness of the platform, opening it up to personalized document creation and collaborative work processes.

Personalization: a must

There has been a radical change in behavior, with the Internet and digital print continuously revolutionizing daily life. In order to be successful, it is vital that marketing is personalized. “You don’t sell the same tiles in Lille as you do in Marseille. It is essential that you can create and distribute catalogs that are tailored to the market, to the area, containing only and precisely the information that those readers are looking for”, Bruno Rambaud, CEO of SELL, explains.

As a service provider for catalog compilation, SELL serves a broad B2B customer base, which includes major brands in different industries, such as automotive and paramedical, publishing, but also agencies and integrators that want to go the extra mile for their customers. SELL BASE, launched in 2010, is based on the idea that only well-managed product data can enable effective marketing tools.

SELL wondered about developing their own personalization tool or integrating an existing one. After an in-depth market analysis, SELL decided: “We were impressed with the performance of CHILI publisher, its user-friendliness as well as its ability to provide a collaborative workspace. That’s why we opted to integrate it in our environment, rounding off the tools we already had”, Rambaud continues.

Effective personalization with easy access and **integration **

The platform operates on a simple pattern. Brand data, such as product names, references, features, images, and more, are handled by SELLBASE. CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, is integrated into the workflow. By providing access to design templates that comply with a company’s branding guidelines, this module enables personalized online editing of marketing documentation. These templates can be delivery notes, business cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, catalogs and more. The task of creating documents, wherever it may take place, is reduced to simply opening up a template and personalizing it at will in SELL BASE, based on validated and secure data. When personalization is completed, the validated PDF is sent for printing. “We work closely with CHILI publish. Both of us are small organizations shaking up outdated models, and we share the same philosophy, namely to simplify to the max the creative process from start to finish – all the way through to end-users who will be able to design their own documents”, says Rambaud.

Manual effort for document creation halved

SELL BASE has significantly increased its workflow productivity. The combination of SELL BASE, with up-to-date data reducing the risk of errors, and CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, making personalized layouts accessible to all, brings about a multiplication effect. The result is a much more efficient creative process that is twice as fast, less stressful and more secure. “Our focus is on sophisticated marketing documents. CHILI publisher meets this need in a user-friendly way while opening up a multitude of other marketing applications – such as personalizing a flyer at the right time in the right place”, highlights Rambaud.
A powerful partner**

This integration allows SELL to expand its SELL BASE service by enabling customers to create their own commercial documents with an easy editing facility, complying with the corporate identity and based on secure content.

“Whether you’re generating a document based on data, personalizing packaging based on a template or adapting a digital image to a local context, you’ll need a reliable engine to ensure your workflow runs like clockwork,” explains Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI. “CHILI publisher can be integrated with a vast ecosystem of partner solutions and complements practically any marketing automation system. A tool like CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, can add real value to marketing departments and the content they wish to distribute. The tool’s philosophy is perfectly suitable for a mature market, like the French one. Any brand can tackle market changes and create communications across all the different future channels in line with corporate identity – at a reduced service or self-service, without any compromise.”

More information about CHILI publish, its solutions, its partners, its ‘SPICY star’ customer base and its worldwide implementations are available on its website:

About CHILI publish

CHILI publish has been shaping tomorrow’s graphics since 2010. Its flagship solution, CHILI publisher, is the software for smart artwork and marketing material creation. The solution has been widely adopted by large and small companies as their go-to artwork builder and is integrated in marketing and packaging departments worldwide. The solution is respected by industry influencers, endorsed by a worldwide customer base of SPICY star customers and validated by an ecosystem of integration partners.

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