CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, scoops EDP Award 2018 at FESPA 2018

The EDP Award 2018 in the category Layout, design and editing software illustrates benefits of CHILI publisher in the large format market

Erembodegem, Belgium, May 16th, 2018 – CHILI publish ( is proud to announce it has won an EDP award 2018 in the category Layout, design and editing software during FESPA Global Print Expo 2018. The technical committee commented on CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, as the category’s winner: “As a layout, design and editing software CHILI publisher is the most complete tool in this category. It has been a leading product for years – as the rebranded engine it takes its existing functionalities to a higher level even.”

Proven track record in Large Format
In a creative sector as Large Format, technology automation is the way forward to optimize processes and free up time for design teams for more commercial and profitable projects. Belgian CHILI publish customer, 3Motion, renowned for its highly creative and innovative solutions, originally purchased CHILI publisher for a packaging solution because of the 3D visualization feature. But trial and error revealed a more profitable way for 3Motion to exponentially generate return on its investment: a smooth and flawless stand creation process for show organizers.

Wouter Mouton, co-founder of 3Motion, explains: “Template creation facilitates the way recurring jobs can be adjusted and approved, online and easily. We extrapolated that to one of our customers, a show organizer. We got different files from different vendors, seldom good-for-print and most often way past the deadline. A major strain on our resources, let alone nerves. It just wasn’t commercially or professionally viable anymore.” But by templatizing the fixed booth design and integrating this in a software process of their own design, 3Motion enabled attendees to the show to upload, edit and approve their stand designs online. No way to mess about, the template allowed for no aberrations. It proved a timely, easy and cost-efficient solution to alleviate prepress stress levels before any show.

Wouter concludes: “It was a game changer. We automated the design creation process, which resulted in a flawless print-ready file to go into production. We created the template, the organizer shared the upload link and the CHILI publisher integration handled the rest. We printed the stand, and shipped it. Easy enough. And yet this saved us so much time, resources and quite some stress.”

The workflow has been such a success that 3Motion is currently considering franchise implementation requests from The Netherlands and France.

The #UGE fast track
Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI publish, comments on the EDP award: “CHILI publisher has evolved as a solution to become the Universal Graphics Engine. The 3Motion showcase clearly illustrates the potential of CHILI publisher to drive any type of campaign to the omnichannel outcome of choice. This EDP award 2018 is an honor to receive, as it verifies the strong growth and evolution of our solution. Thank you to the EDP technical committee for recognizing the hard work we keep putting into closing the digital and graphics loop.”

CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, is currently deployed by brand owners, agencies, commercial print, large format and packaging companies worldwide to input, edit and output graphic elements into an omnichannel marketing tools.

More information on CHILI publish, its solution offering, partners and customer base of SPICY stars and worldwide implementation can be found at:

About CHILI publish

CHILI publish has been shaping tomorrow’s graphics since 2010. Its flagship solution, CHILI publisher, is the software for smart artwork and marketing material creation. The solution has been widely adopted by large and small companies as their go-to artwork builder and is integrated in marketing and packaging departments worldwide. The solution is respected by industry influencers, endorsed by a worldwide customer base of SPICY star customers and validated by an ecosystem of integration partners.

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