CHILI publisher Online redefines template customization

New features revolutionize what’s possible with Smart Templates

Many cloud services force you to spend more to get premium features and functionality, not so with CHILI publisher Online. Your cost is based on how much you use the software, not what features you have access to.

Our philosophy is simple – You Grow, We Grow – which means, we strive to provide the **most feature-rich software for creative automation to help you grow your business. **

CHILI publisher Online advanced features:

  • Dynamic Layouts
  • Smart Crop
  • Spell Check

Dynamic Layouts

Fixed layouts are fine for many templates but sometimes you need more flexible layouts that can intelligently adapt – think dozens of ads, each with unique size requirements. Using Dynamic Layouts, a single Smart Template can accommodate any content variation in any size for any channel.

Smart Crop

Imagery can be shared across multiple templates and used in different layouts. So how do you ensure they always fit appropriately within the design? Smart Crop, that’s how. This feature lets you pinpoint an image’s focus and specify where that should fall within each template. Now that’s Smart!

Property Formulas

Property Formulas are part of the magic that make Dynamic Layouts possible, but they can also be used any time you want to create responsive designs. Using simple Excel-like formulas, any frame’s size, position, and rotation can be dynamically calculated – you can even use variables within the formulas too!

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