CHILI publish announces new strategic partnerships

Partnerships enable customers to expand business opportunities using the award-winning CHILI publish technology

Aalst, Belgium, Sept. 30 2018 – ( is proud to announce it has formed strategic partnerships with four companies: Significans Automation, Ink-IT Digital, Apago and PrintIQ. These partnerships, combined with the recently announced enhancements to CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, confirm CHILI publish’s status as the leading provider of disruptive technical solutions that enhance the way printers, brands, agencies and label and packaging professionals create, edit and publish omnichannel graphic assets. CHILI publish will highlight these partnerships and enhancements at booth 636 in the South Hall of PRINT 18 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from 30 September - 2 October.

“It is fitting that we announce these partnerships on the first day of PRINT 18,” said Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI publish. “The trends and opportunities that will be discussed at this event clearly demonstrate that the demands of this changing industry cannot be met by one vendor alone. Partnerships like the alliances we have announced here, combined with the new technical enhancements we have made to our technology, ensure the success of both customers and the markets they serve.”

**New partners in the CHILI publish ecosystem **
Significans Automation is a global professional services company that develops custom color-managed digital production workflows for clients worldwide. Its goal is to deliver sophisticated prepress automation that enables clients to operate unmanned production environments.

As a North American integrator, Significans Automation will integrate CHILI publisher into the automated workflows it creates for its clients. The addition of CHILI publisher to these workflows enables Significans to achieve a swift, custom deployment to accommodate a fast adoption of innovation.

“Robotics and artificial intelligence will soon become the norm in the graphic arts industry,” said Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation. “Adopting a customized, automated workflow is the best way for service providers to capitalize on this change. CHILI publish and Significans Automation share this vision; that’s why combining our products and approach enables customers to succeed in this new era.”

Ink-IT Digital has developed a dynamic publishing solution that integrates three powerful technologies: WooCommerce (a leading e-commerce platform), WordPress and CHILI publish. Called CHILI Woo, this dynamic platform works with other WordPress themes and plug-ins, giving users the resources they need to easily create a publishing website with the robust functionality CHILI publish is known for.

An example of this type of site can be found here:

Apago Inc. develops and markets software for the graphic arts and document management industries, including software solutions for the manipulation of PDF, PostScript and other common graphics formats. To better service its leading customers, Apago has developed a collection of ‘widgets’ for the CHILI editor. The widget range consists of text, font, color, images, pages, variables and proof widgets. Each can be easily integrated into any web app to bring exciting new features and a refined user experience to any CHILI publisher integration. The widget styles can easily be customized to match the customer’s web app. Custom functionality can be developed by Apago to meet customer’s unique requirements.

The printIQ. team has been collaborating with CHILI publisher (alongside other suppliers) for some time now to take printIQ ever further. printIQ is a web-based application in which production-staff manage the factory whilst customers quote, order, and track, all from within the same application. With no software to install, no separate web portal or online ordering system to add on, printIQ certainly represents a quantum shift from what most printers are doing right now.

“The expansion of features and functionality in CHILI publisher have made it the disruptive technology that we today know as the Universal Graphics Engine,” said Piet Saegeman, Strategic Alliances manager at CHILI publish. “To keep this level of disruption going, and to create tailored solutions that meet the demands of all the markets CHILI publisher now serves, we rely on the support of innovative partners. Working together keeps CHILI publisher and our customers at the forefront of innovation.”

Über CHILI publish

CHILI publish is the Creative Automation company. Our platform, CHILI GraFx, is built for global brands and agencies producing multichannel graphics at scale. Our clients trust CHILI GraFx to boost visual asset production and brand enablement, reduce time to market for new products and allow them to reallocate resources and seize new market opportunity.

CHILI GraFx launched in the first half of 2023, putting the power of Smart Templates in the hands of Designers and Developers who embrace technology to produce more and better graphics, faster than ever before. With our CREATE Community, our goal is to learn, share and grow the impact of creative automation.


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Piet Saegeman

30. Sept. 2018

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