CHILI publish announce Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx

London, 22 May 2024 – CHILI publish, the Creative Automation company, today announced the launch of the CHILI GraFx Connector Framework and its first implementation: the Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx. This powerful integration allows clients to effortlessly connect their Acquia Digital Experience Platform with CHILI GraFx's creative automation capabilities. Attendees at Acquia Engage London 2024 will be the first to witness the powerful results of combining AI-powered digital experience with creative automation workflows.

“This is a significant step in our company journey,” Chief Product Officer, Ward De Langhe, said. “The CHILI GraFx Connector Framework we have announced today allows our partners to build Connectors between their technologies and our creative automation platform, CHILI GraFx. Each new connector – whether it’s with a DAM, a PIM, a database, or any other system within the content supply chain – will increase the value our clients receive from their investment in the CHILI GraFx platform.”

The first connector to leverage the CHILI GraFx Connector Framework is the Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx. This connector allows GraFx Studio users to pull in data and visual assets directly from Acquia DAM, the Digital Assets Management application within the Acquia Digital Experience Platform. By working through the new connector, all Acquia DAM metadata is preserved, and brand teams can adhere to brand guidelines, copyright credentials, and DAM policies without disrupting their day-to-day workflow.

“We are thrilled with the launch of the Acquia DAM connector in this new CHILI GraFx Connector Framework, allowing customers to leverage the power of AI to automatically compose content in CHILI GraFx, guided by brand-approved assets from Acquia DAM,” said Deanna Ballew, Senior Vice President, DXP & AI at Acquia. “This is the first CHILI GraFx connection into our open DXP, and our shared goal with CHILI publish is to free our customers from repetitive tasks so they can innovate and deliver ambitious digital experiences. We look forward to providing even more value to our shared customers with future connections into PIM for product catalogs and CDP for personalized content.”

For a short demo video of the Acquia Connector for CHILI GraFx, follow this link.

Über CHILI publish

CHILI publish is the Creative Automation company. Our platform, CHILI GraFx, is built for global brands and agencies producing multichannel graphics at scale. Our clients trust CHILI GraFx to boost visual asset production and brand enablement, reduce time to market for new products and allow them to reallocate resources and seize new market opportunity.

CHILI GraFx launched in the first half of 2023, putting the power of Smart Templates in the hands of Designers and Developers who embrace technology to produce more and better graphics, faster than ever before. With our CREATE Community, our goal is to learn, share and grow the impact of creative automation.


Kees Henniphof

VP Marketing

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Kees Henniphof

22. Mai 2024

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