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What Is Changing?

Starting in 2020, we have been hard at work overhauling and moving our support portal to a new system. Why? To provide you with easier access to issues’ updates and a better support request system.

You'll experience the following major changes:

  • You will have access to a knowledge base landing page with frequently updated articles and guides written by our Customer Success members;
  • An efficient system to report, track resolution and updates of the product defects, answer your questions or schedule training;
  • Fast dispatching system which appoints your issue to a suitable person who has the optimum set of skills to fix it;
  • You will be able to setup accounts for multiple users within your organization and you will be able to oversee progress of inquiries reported by each one of them.

What is this Knowledge Base?

When you log in to the new support portal, the knowledge base is the first thing you will see. Consider it your go-to page on all things CHILI publisher, as it features monthly articles written by our Customer Success team members diving deeper into CHILI publisher. The topics of the articles will vary from exhaustive feature guides to in-depth problem-solving techniques. You grow, we grow, sharing is caring.

How is the new Request System different?

When you created a ticket in the old support portal, that ticket went into a general pool, waiting for assignment and processing. In our new portal, however, every request will be handled by a specific group of experts so your question is answered quickly and accurately. No time or money to waste, that goes for all of us.

How Does This Support Our Organization?

In our new system, you will be able to create an account for each member in your organization. That way, each member can create their own request tickets and bookmark their favorite knowledge base articles. You will keep the complete overview of all tickets created in your organization, but can enable your team to self-service their own responsibilities.

With the new support portal, your issues will be addressed within acceptable timeframes, respecting your SLAs, and within your preferred time zone.

Please note: signing up new members is easy, provided they have a valid email within your organization.

What About My Old Tickets?

We're locking down the old support portal on May 1st of 2020. You'll be able to read older tickets, but you cannot create new ones. Access will remain for at least 60 days via this link:

Eventually, the old support portal will no longer be accessible.

No worries, all tickets that are linked to open feature requests or awaiting bug fixes will be transferred to the new portal as a new request. You will see them appear in your dedicated account on the new portal.

Want to access older, closed tickets still? We have you covered - follow the directions on how to easily download a backup of these tickets:

How do I Sign Up?

If you had access to the old support portal, then you are already signed up.

Head over to and sign in using your current credentials.