What makes our templates 'Smart'?

Not all “smart templates” are created equal. What makes CHILI GraFx Smart Templates smarter than the rest?

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2023 promises to be a grand year for CHILI GraFx, our state-of-the-art Creative Automation platform. In fact, our product teams are firing on all cylinders as I write this, to release new features on a weekly basis.

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What makes our templates 'Smart'?

Smart Templates are “templates” because parts of their content can be modified, like a name, a price, a photo, even a color, etc. while other elements remain locked.

They are “smart” because they can intelligently shape shift in multiple ways, such as dynamically altering text formatting to fit designated areas, or outputting variants of a single template for digital and print in multiple sizes—all while staying within brand guidelines.

With Smart Templates, you get to market faster with high-quality content that takes a fraction of the effort to produce.

In our first CHILIpulse episode, Bram Verniest, Co-founder of CHILI publish, and Ward De Langhe, Chief Product Officer at CHILI publish, dive deeper into the features that make our templates 'smart' and how Smart Templates streamline and make scalable the complex business of high-volume, highly targeted graphical production.

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Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Ward De Langhe

Chief Product Officer

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