Modernizing Graphics Production with Sodexo and EPAM Systems

Are you part of an organization struggling with antiquated systems that create inefficiencies and stunt growth? This can happen in your graphical production processes just like anywhere else, and it was happening at Sodexo – the food services & facilities management giant operating in 50 countries with a 400,000 strong workforce who serve 100 million meals a day.

Ditching the Dinosaur: A Fresh Face on Graphics Production

Now, put your antiquated systems behind you, and imagine a world where a complex task like generating highly-tailored print for specific locations or creating specific barcodes for packaged goods is as simple as a drag-and-drop operation. This is the world that CHILI GraFx is shaping. And in episode 11 of our video podcast series, CHILIpulse, we dive deep into how Sodexo is now using CHILI GraFx to make graphical production inefficiencies a thing of their past.

Bram Verniest, founder of CHILI publish and CHILIpulse's seasoned host, is joined by Dr. Joe Hoffman, Global IT Retail Domain Owner at Sodexo, and Tim Marsh, Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems for a compelling conversation. Together, they offer insight into a fascinating case study of modernizing graphics production at an absolutely massive scale.

When Giants Grow: The Scale of Sodexo’s Graphical Revamp

What type of scale? How about 6000 users and around 200,000 generated digital assets in the first four weeks after deployment?

In the fast-paced world of IT and marketing, speed and adaptability are clearly vital. And a key advantage of CHILI GraFx is the ability to dynamically make changes without employing extensive development, enabling companies like Sodexo to keep up with changing market conditions and consumer demands.

The Human Touch: Where Tech Meets Talent

Dr. Joe Hoffman also emphasizes the irreplaceable value of human talent in Sodexo’s tech-driven transformation. He firmly believes that as technology like CHILI GraFx streamlines processes, the role of graphic designers becomes even more crucial:

I think that graphics designers are going to be even more important because, contrary to what people might expect with the automation, you will need more expert proofing capabilities… and you have to have a trained eye, a very skilled eye to be able to do that.

Dr. Joseph Hoffman

Global IT Retail Domain Owner

@ Sodexo

A Transformation Tale: Sodexo’s Story Shared at CREATE '23

Sodexo’s journey of graphical production transformation at scale was also showcased at our recent community event in Austin, Texas: CREATE ‘23 US, Conference for New Creatives. Their captivating tale of overcoming obstacles and modernizing at a massive scale is outlined in our recent blog post by Kees Henniphof, CMO at CHILI publish, "Why Sodexo Global Retail picked CHILI GraFx to be a better business partner". We strongly encourage you to read it for a deeper understanding of the Sodexo success story.

And be sure not to miss Dr. Joe Hoffman and Tim Marsh in CHILIpulse episode 11 as they discuss everything from the challenges of managing a product at the end of its life, their successful approach to integrating CHILI GraFx into an existing IT structure, and how automation is changing the roles of designers and, at the same time, making them more essential than ever.

Ready to revolutionize your graphics production and help your organization overcome its own challenges? Watch Episode 11 of CHILIpulse to discover how. Don't just learn about the future—be part of shaping it.

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Dr. Joseph Hoffman

Global IT Retail Domain Owner

Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Tim Marsh

Solution Architect

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