Exploring the Open Creative Automation Technology Stack

In our latest CHILIpulse episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Austin Meier, a Client Success Engineer hailing from the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado. Austin & Bram delved into the intricacies of integrating external systems with CHILI GraFx’s open-architecture platform, providing insights behind the power of integrations.

Austin delves into the pivotal role of open architecture in creative automation, emphasizing its seamless adaptation to diverse formats, assets, and fonts. This approach focuses on compatibility and flexibility, setting the stage for the future of graphics production.

Watch this CHILIpulse episode to learn the insights shared:

  • Open architecture's crucial role in creative automation.
  • Seamless adaptation to various document formats, assets, and fonts.
  • Emphasis on compatibility and flexibility for the future of graphics production.
  • Insights into the interface between DAM systems and CHILI GraFx.

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Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Austin Meier

Client Success Engineer

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