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New UIAsian languagesText effectsOptimised 3DDynamic ImageCopy FittingProductivityFull IME support

A brand new device dependent UI.

Both concept and design have been overhauled, so now you can work CHILI publisher on any device you want to work it on. A new UI brings about a new UX in terms of creating the best suited workspaces in CHILI publisher. All rendered on HTML5 canvas of course. You prefer to touch edit or mouse edit? Or both? Do you prefer a small or large touch-enabled screen? Doesn’t matter – you can have it all.

Exploring Asia​

We’re getting closer and closer to that worldwide availability. CHILI publisher can now create and edit any document in Chinese, Korean and Indonesian when it comes to horizontal text and TrueType fonts. Obviously we secure output to PDF and IDML.

Never mind the InDesign gap, we’ll close it

Did anyone order extra effects to apply to a frame or text? CHILI publisher 5.0 proudly presents following innovations: drop shadows, inner shadow (illusion of depth), glow, bevel and emboss (illusion of relief). Let’s not forget about the gloss effects in the 3D preview in CHILI publisher (just imagine that varnish and gold simulation). Make the magic happen!​

Optimised 3D try-out

CHILI publisher now allows to apply 3D folding for alternate lay-outs. This means that each lay-out design, can immediately be verified in 3D folding to check if it will work in terms of dimensions.

3D folding and 3D models will also be available in HTML5 via a standalone viewer in CHILI publisher version 5.0.

Offering users this enhanced visualisation lets providers easily expand the range of possibilities they offer their customers, while also enhancing the level of service they provide.

Dynamic Image Updates

The new Dynamic Asset Provider (DAP) framework enables the use of dynamic images from external sources via a “URL feed” in the Editor.
A dynamic image is an image that is updated in real-time through variable information provided by the CHILI publisher Editor.

This framework has now been extended to connect to any service that is accessible via a URL, enabling businesses to access the most current information driven by numbers or data. A company’s quarterly financial reports, for example, would use charts to highlight revenue growth that occurred in that time period.

It allows users to have automatic updates of information such as - though not limited to - charts or diagrams using numbers of percentages in an Excel file. In this example data would come from the Excel file into the attached data field associated with the chart of diagram, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of the data presented in the chart or diagram.

Enhanced Copy Fitting

Version 5.0 of CHILI publisher includes enhanced copy fitting features across multiple non-linked frames. This allows users to apply the same copy fitting style percentages to all of the text frames, ensuring consistent font sizes throughout the document.

Managing this level of consistency is critical to all users, but is an especially big challenge for the packaging industry, where mandatory nutrition and regulatory data must be translated into several languages, with each taking up different amounts of space. Copy fitting adjusts the font size to accommodate for the difference in space without impacting the uniform design of the package.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Version 5.0 of CHILI publisher features several new characteristics that improve productivity and efficiency for users.

These include:

  • Synchronizing Multiple Servers
  • Support for Drive Google API
  • Folding and Alternate Lay-outs
  • Additional information in HTML export

Full IME support in the HTML editor, also on mobile devices.

The HTML editor accepts direct text input, allowing you to type, copy&paste. You can even make use of the handwriting recognition option on your mobile device.