Large-scale graphical production is better in the cloud

Automation of large-scale graphical production is no longer desirable—it’s now essential! Marketing today needs creative assets that are personalized, localized, and versioned for multichannel output. Creative teams working manually can’t effectively output so many variants at scale. CHILI publisher’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution was built to meet these large-scale Creative Automation workflow needs, unlike Adobe® InDesign Server®.

The SaaS Advantage

CHILI publisher is a modern platform built on a modern architecture—SaaS. In contrast to old school, on-premises server solutions, you can forget about hardware choices, operating systems, network configurations, security patches, and seat-of-your-pants upgrades that can bring down mission-critical software. CHILI publisher is your global graphic production platform in the cloud. It just works. And if moving to the cloud still gives you the heebie jeebies, don’t worry—CHILI publish is fully ISO-27001 Certified.

CHILI publisher SaaS

  • Zero install, maintenance and IT support time needed
  • New features regularly added without upgrade woes
  • Built for globally accessible Creative Automation
  • Fast and easy to get started

Scalability at your fingertips

Planning is critical in effective enterprise IT scalability. But rapid expansion to achieve increased production shouldn’t require months of IT preparation, development, and deployment by expensive teams. For Creative Automation workflows to meet modern enterprise needs, they should have rapid scalability built in.

CHILI publisher is scalable at core

  • Painlessly scale as your business grows
  • Rapidly ramp up capacity
  • No hardware to manage or configure
  • Pay-as-you-grow plans from Starter to Enterprise

A platform—not a server—at your service

Imagine we sold you an expensive engine—just an engine—and claimed you could now drive anywhere you pleased. Without a chassis, wheels, body, etc. you’d have good reason to doubt our claims, and you’d probably go somewhere you could buy a vehicle. That’s the difference between a Server and a Platform. Invest in the CHILI publisher platform and you get all the business logic and powerful functionality you need to automate large-scale graphic production.

CHILI publisher is a platform for Creative Automation

  • Built on Marketing & Production business logic
  • Powerful configuration and automation tools
  • Outputs to print & digital with equal ease
  • Frees up IT and Systems Admins’ time
  • Designed for Creative Automation at core

Rapid development, RESTful integration

All automation solutions require a degree of development and integration. CHILI publisher has evolved to make these processes as easy as possible. With a 100% comprehensive REST API supported by full documentation and video tutorials, getting started is intuitive for modern developers. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with lower-level code: all the Creative Automation functionality you need is available from a REST call.

CHILI publisher gives developers a huge head start

  • Fast, custom development with modern tools
  • REST API is easy to get started with
  • Comprehensive Creative Automation toolkit is easily integrated
  • API guarantees code functionality across updates

And one more thing ...

Did we mention, CHILI publisher can import and automate production from files created in the best desktop design tool available—Adobe® InDesign®? There’s even a dedicated plugin that enables designers to convert their artwork for easy import to CHILI publisher. Designers can stay focused on what they do best then hand off to CHILI publisher so that the Creative Automation magic can begin.

Thomas Julé

Now users no longer require a designer to create a document as the dynamic, asset-driven templates are already uploaded, ready for adjustments.

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