Maximize your Marketing ROI with Creative Automation

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Last stretch of the year, time to revise what you did in 2021 and how to do better in 2022. A lot of brands are asking us to substantiate the benefits of creative automation. Our COO, Bram Verniest, dug into the numbers and crafted a formula that will help you check how creative automation will improve your Return On Creativity.

Return On Creativity (ROC) - the total amount of profit to be gained from optimizing your graphic production flow with Creative Automation.

The retail industry is forecast to grow more than 5% in the next five years, 16.3% of total retail sales will be conducted online.

With stores delivering over 80% of all retail sales, is your personalization engine up to par for the anticipated ‘roaring ‘20s consumerism’?

Discover the efficiencies that can get your brand to market faster.

Join this webinar if you want to learn how to:

  • Deliver better & faster graphics, whether you're a designer or a marketer
  • Lead, not lag in terms of team & brand optimization
  • Calculate, not guesstimate the actual benefits of introducing Creative Automation in your way of working"

About the speaker

As COO at CHILI publish, Bram drives the business' day-to-day administrative and operational flows. This passionate creative automation ambassador continuously sources and implements business optimization hacks.


Bram Verniest

@ CHILI publish