#SPICYtalks17 – the absent are always in the wrong

Aalst, Belgium, June 28th, 2017 – CHILI publish successfully concluded a third edition of its popular SPICY talks event. The event spanned a two-day program, consisting of a plenary session and two tracks of three parallel sessions dealing with business and technical topics. The well-attended event allowed a personalized agenda for each participant, enabling them to truly explore the full potential of the CHILI publish solutions to grow their business. #SPICYtalks17 took place April 26-27, 2017 in the beautiful setting of Paris, France and was attended by customers, partners and team members from all over the world.
Diversity in topics for the heterogeneous audience**
The topic range of the program went very broad. Attendees could combine a session on cloud hosting assessment with an in-depth training on template creation or a rookie session on creating a DIY UI. Other tracks also addressed both the business and technology aspects when considering DAM, digital packaging and e-commerce. By varying the topic matter, CHILI publish not only attracted technical users of the solution, but also business development managers looking to assess the ROI and scout new opportunities. “Our customers are often digital disruptors, sourcing and commercializing new web2print opportunities that work for everyone. The digital evolution is going hard and addresses all levels in a company. That’s why we introduced both business and technical tracks at #SPICYtalks17. We wanted everyone to experience a personal benefit from joining.”, as Bram Verniest, COO of CHILI publish, explains.

The talk of the town
Customer flocked in from all over the world, be it long-time users, starters or prospects. This resulted in an interesting mix of an inquisitive audience ready to share the best and the rest of their experience with everyone. The CHILI publish solutions come as open, scalable solutions that can be easily integrated. To make them as compliant as possible, the company has devoted a lot of R&D resources to the further development of its product features and service offering. Ward De Langhe, CTO, adds: “This was a constructive experience from a development perspective. We got first-hand info on what customers care about, in the past, present and future. The personal contact enabled a rapid exchange between the customer dev and our dev team - that’s development strategy gold.”

Or as Bruno Rambaud, CEO SELL Marketing in France put it: “We’re a long-time user of the CHILI publisher solutions. As CEO, I mainly participated in the business tracks. #SPICYtalks17 really opened my eyes on what other business opportunities are out there for me. Goes to show that CHILI publish is more to us than just a supplier. They’re a partner. I came by myself this year, you can bet I’m bringing my techies with me next year.”
Also Polly Fisher, Applications Engineer and CHILI publisher newbie, did not regret crossing the pond: “I’ve just started using CHILI publisher, and I am a fan of the functionalities. I signed up to deepen my skillset in using the solution, but return home with quite some excess luggage from taking notes. The potential is promising, I cannot wait to try out more. Sign me up for the next edition.”

Maximize the potential
Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI publish concludes. “We’ve really gone at vertical, horizontal and lateral lengths to get attendees informed and interactive. And it worked – this is by far the most diverse and engaging audience we brought together. The synergies and networking conversations were amazing. We hope we have elevated our solutions’ potential, our company’s profile and our customers’ offering. Though it was themed ‘Conquer your mountain’, we feel like we’ve shot for the stars.”

CHILI publish welcomes all to join their LinkedIn user group and provide information on how to improve the SPICY talks 2018 edition: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3268576/profile
Pictures on the event can be consulted in the Facebook album
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Über CHILI publish

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CHILI GraFx launched in the first half of 2023, putting the power of Smart Templates in the hands of Designers and Developers who embrace technology to produce more and better graphics, faster than ever before. With our CREATE Community, our goal is to learn, share and grow the impact of creative automation.


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